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Special on Pearl Harbor.

This website is built as a stepping stone to knowledge of the 1930s and 1940s. A world war took place 1939-1945. The WWII generation was unprepared for it, but rose to stem the tide of Hitler and Imperial Japan. [Note: an informative report about the Bataan-Philippines era is available. Look for the 1941 timeline.]

Pearl Harbor took place Sunday, December 7, 1941.
Special programming commemorated the event on the 75th Anniversary.
This LINK takes you to what happened.
One that they missed is from the series War Stories With Oliver North.
In particular, the segment Attack of the Japanese Midget Subs.
Nurse participants and raw video. The education factor is an important LINK to Pearl Harbor.
Sailor Ray Chavez, 104 years old made it.
Special 75th commemorative links AP, CBS, KHON2, Morning Joe, USA Today, participants Cornelia Fort, Ray Chavez, and Ray Garland. National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, ABC, and the night Waikiki parade.
History is a waste if we don’t learn anything from it.
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Author Robert C. Valentine has written several books about the entire American generation of the WW II era and those who participated in WW II. He is a member of the 8th Air Force Historical Society, the 94th Division Association and The National WW II Museum.

An excellent book, accurate and to the point. My daughter is an avid collector of World War Two History and now has the book! I enjoyed the book immensely. Lt Colonel Burnett B Beach (Ret), WWII veteran ex 12th Arm Div, Los Osos, Calif
...a delicious portrayal of those times expressed in rare photographs, many in color, and in carefully selected and written prose that truly captures the wartime spirit. . . . A great gift or coffee-table keepsake. If you were there you won't be able to put it down. 8th Air Force Historical Society
The Toast For You and Me book is an outstanding job---excellent pictures, good narrative and some behind the scenes stuff. Lawrence A Bennett, WW II exThird Army veteran Sacramento, Calif

DIRECT LINK to1944 Anniversary

Having an extensive war library, I was only too glad to add this commemorative book, A Toast For You and Me, America's Participation, Sacrifice and Victory for it depicts what took place on the fringes of the war and presents a solid over-all picture. Colonel Thomas D Gillis (Ret), Greenbrae, Calif

Pres. Roosevelt Day of Infamy speech (above, press triangle)

A mesmerizing story involving a missing article from the time-period of Dec 1941, among other disappearances, remains lost to this day.
While the vast majority of newsreel material was shot in b & w in 1941, few people realize the bombing of Pearl Harbor was recorded in color. In the 1960s, when Twentieth Century-Fox Studios was making the film Tora! Tora! Tora!, released in 1970, it offered a reward of $1 million if someone could produce real color footage of Dec 7, 1941, of Pearl Harbor being attacked. The audio speech (above the Zero airplane) is Pres. Roosevelt on Dec 8, 1941.
In the 1960s, you still had old-timers who remembered working for Hollywood producer John Ford in 1942. He had made the black-and-white documentary in 1942 called Pearl Harbor. It had used models, reenactments, plus real footage, real motion picture footage from a variety of sources, including some remarkable color footage. When his movie came out, however, for the theaters, #1, it was too long, so it was edited. #2, all the color was turned into black and white scenes. #3, the actual master copies in color, which Ford and his crew drew upon, like vanished.
Some sources state it was turned over to the U.S. Navy in 1942, yet there is no official record saying when, whom, and where. They could have been sent to the National Archives, but there is nothing in the Navy Photographic Center, other than sometime in the late 1960s, when Hollywood began sending out its agents and researchers for Tora! Tora! Tora! that all the color film was discovered to be misplaced, lost or stolen.

This seems to match the timeframe of another lost article from the oceanliner Lurline, which is described in A Toast For You and Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, vol. 1.

Vol 1 has been augmented with special information pertaining to Dec. 7, and is available with purchase. No photograph is this volume is colorized. Every one is authentic. Described in the fascinating book (vol 1 above), there are the accounts of code breaking 5-Num and an account that a civilian radio operator aboard the oceanliner Lurline was crossing the Pacific Ocean a week before Dec 7.
The ship ran into a lot of unusual radio chatter, and the radio operator created a file of all the broadcasts and wrote both a report and made entries into the official ship’s log book. When they came back to California, the log book was confiscated by ONI.
Unbelievably, after the war, the official log book was archived in the Federal Records Center in San Bruno, California, a branch of the National Archives. It was archived some 20 plus years. Who knows when it really disappeared. All that remains is a faded yellow slip that signifies someone checked it out. Unsigned. Undated. It like vanished. We are not accusing anyone in Hollywood. But, the fact of the matter is, soon after Dec 7, when all America mobilized for war, including everybody in Hollywood, someone in the OSS got wind of the color footage taken December Seventh. The OSS is the forerunner of today’s CIA.

Ever since 1942, when the U.S. government had Ford doing his feature of Dec 7th, we have grown accustomed to seeing b+w real footage. Director Ford had the luxury of leading the Field Photographic Branch of the Office of Strategic Services, aka the OSS. The Dept of Defense film on Pearl Harbor was released to the public in 1943. Vol 1 is mainly about the days before Pearl Harbor and is a fine 192+ page history book--with Nazi and Japanese espionage--including the actual German microdot that the Nazis used for nefarious espionage; it was on an intercepted telegram, which we obtained from the Roosevelt Library.

If you are a teacher or student who will use the information on this web site, don't forget to see the informative timeline of 1941 (hit timeline flag), and please give credit. The final official reunion of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association in Honolulu was Dec. 2006, until 2016 when they gathered once more. In this part of the web, you will learn about color film including what we know about December 7 and color photography.

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Incredibly, Dec. 7, 2016 marks the 75th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
The 75th Anniversary was very momentous and special. The Naval Academy Glee Club in a reverent tribute. Youth, the future, at the USS Missouri. To get the full picture of this website, please have Quick Time on your computer.

December 7, 1941 through enhanced photography. Dorie Miller was on the above burning ship, the West Virginia. Click on upper white box to activate

The storm of war is told on this site. Yet, what kind of world is this if we would fail to mention the world of Kodachrome film and the documentary heritage of America in WW II?
Please note, this website also includes a handy timeline of current affairs surrounding the events of 9-11 and the war on terrorism that can be found if you scroll down. Thank you for spending time with us.

Kodachrome, color photography, is graphic. Americans have always been in the forefront of the pioneering and the perfecting of color photography, because we’ve been free to do so.

We have enjoyed the freedom to try what we liked. That freedom works hand in hand with creativity.

It is imperative to include authentic pictures to complete the story in words, and this goes back to our initial book which was published in 1994---it was months ahead the publication of two other fine WW II books that led the pack demonstrating the power of color photography, There Once Was a War and G.I. Victory.

For starters, the eras of 1941 and 1942 were not nice. There was torment all over the globe, the Allies had it very tough, as Humphrey Bogart would say, and the Axis forces had plenty of victories. The author Mr. Valentine has composed seven books, three are published.
The newest deals with 1942 and has many color pictures, and the other is about the pre-war era, in detail. Volume 2 tells about the true account of the dark gloomy days of 1942. Vol 2 on 1942 has unique pictures. But you may ask yourself, “Ha! How many times have you heard all of that before?”
LINK to Pearl Harbor special. Pictures are fabulous, but so what? No doubt there is little I can do to convince you, except to show you.

It is enlightening.

Fact filled book: A Toast For You And Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, vol 2. [Award-Winning Finalist in the History United States category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards.] ISBN-13: 978-1880633-84-7. And, you thought that after all these years, everything about WW II had been exposed.

The Midwest Book Review, Nov 2009, The Bookwatch: A Toast For You and Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, vol two is packed with previously unpublished color photos and offers a unique and lively original look at World War II culture and events. In-depth research contributes to a powerful survey of underlying forces in the war....A ‘must’ for any military history collection and many a general lending library with more of a social impact focus on events.

Volume 2

It is one thing to narrate history of the early days of WW II and take a fresh look at Hollywood, but to include stories of diabolical saboteurs, Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of Midway, ration points, Japanese-American internment, 5-Num, the air force, Corregidor and secret codes is a trick in itself. Unfortunately, a spy network did exist in the United States that many young people today do not know about. And, the Axis victories in 1942 were many. It was a struggle to achieve Allied Victory.
A lesson in history we hope you never forget.A Toast For You And Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory.

This war meant more than just people in uniform.
The theme of a pre-war America should not be forgotten, that it was a time for “defense.”

SPECIAL LINK to 1945 Anniversary and the Atomic bombs, at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The Stars of Hollywood button admits bearer to see Hollywood's best who participated in WW II. When you are finished, with it (press return tab to return here.)


of Hollywood

The books of Mr. Valentine utilizes an informative array of pictures. Many are one of a kind unpublished in book format. Without pictures, history is boring. He loves to intertwine history and pictures. Photographers in the forefront of the Second World War era are Bob Capa, Johnny Florea, John Ford, Captain Louis Hayward, Sergeant Louis R. Lowery, Eliot Elisofon, Demitri Kessel, Luis Marden, Joe Rosenthal, Don Senick, Sergeant Robert T. Sand, Arthur T. Statham, and William Vandivert. Cameramen of the vast U.S. Navy photo collections are Edward Steichen, Wayne Miller, Fenno Jacobs, Barrett Gallagher, and Paul Dorsey. And, these are just a few of the many. Within this dimension, lies the remarkable video footage of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
The background to this story is fascinating and unique and it formed history’s realities?

History is a waste if we don’t learn anything from it.

That’s why we have movies and sound.
Hollywood during the 1940s made non-digital motion-pictures in color. They were a special feature during the war, and were normally done in Technicolor. But, we are not talking about them. [Mr. Valentine has written a very special chapter on Hollywood at War that will knock your socks off, and where future readers will have plenty of time to discover Hollywood at war. To this day, that is one of his favorite chapters of the over 48 chapters that he has written on the Second World War....It will be seen in the forthcoming volume.]

There existed different processes for film development. The very first published color photographs of a major news event are thought to have been 7 photos taken by Gerry Sheedy of the Hindenburg disaster during 1937 and reproduced in retrogravure in the NY Sunday Mirror, May 23, 1937. This was about 12 months after Kodak developed Kodachrome Film, which was officially introduced on April 15, 1936, in 16mm format and made color movies generally available.
1936 was the year the first television broadcast of an Olympics occurred--the Berlin Olympics, in black-and-white, using Vladimir Zworykin's TV camera.
Hollywood, the normal Joe and Jane, and even the military, have tried to record history with a single camera in color ever since.
In 1941, the year aerosol spray was developed, Kodak introduced Minicolor Prints. They gave the public the first full color photographic print, and were made from miniature Kodachrome film transparencies. If you compare publications like books and magazines between the Great Depression and the 1940s, you will see a remarkable difference. There is so much color and vibrance.

For the next 20 years after WW II, the medium of color grew even more dramatic, with Kodacolor Film making it possible to fulfill the dream of years, followed by Polaroid and Fujifilm. Anyone could take color snapshots, even with some old camera like a 1925 Brownie; all you had to have was a roll of 620 film in color. All pictures were analog; there was no such thing as digital. But, of course, the older the camera, the tougher it was to get a nice picture. You had to have a steady hand in those pioneering days. [The same thing was true with those 1st digital cameras that crept into the scene over 20 years ago. One such camera was the MC200 by Toshiba America which saved pictures on a little 2Mb card. Selling at $12,500] And, if you tried to photograph something moving, in both cases, forget it. A Brownie gave you a big clear picture. It had a huge negative. Below is an actual Brownie camera. The dimensions are 4 inches high, 5 inches in depth, 3 inches wide. Every time you took a snapshot, you had to roll the film to the next number using the little round steel knob at the bottom.

However, if you were shooting action, it was no good. Hence, the 35 mm camera with its dials and different film speed. The 35 mm camera format was only introduced in 1926, and 12 years later the first camera with a built-in photoelectric exposure meter was sold by Kodak. In the hands of professionals, like Time-Life’s Eliot Elisofon or Dimitri Kessell, the quality was superb.
Unfortunately, in summer of 2009, Kodak announced it was discontinuing Kodachrome film--due to the fact the democratic public likes digital cameras more.

During the entire war, a number of film directors were in the service, such as Frank Capra of Columbia, Darryl F. Zanuck of 20th Century-Fox, and David O. Selznick who made the definitive film of the Home Front: Since You Went Away.
In their offer to do their part, they formed joint film panels. In December, 1941, John Ford was summoned by the secretaries of the War Dept and the Navy to head for Oahu and produce a documentary of what happened in Hawaii. He travelled to Honolulu in mid-January.

Ever since 1942, when the U.S. government had Ford doing his feature of Dec 7th, we have grown accustomed to seeing b+w real footage. Director Ford had the luxury of leading the Field Photographic Branch of the Office of Strategic Services, aka the OSS. The Dept of Defense film on Pearl Harbor was released to the public in 1943.
As stated before, it was edited when released for its length. It had a mixture of real footage and staged scenes. Although Ford began shooting in Spring 1942, it was placed on the back burner for a while because the filming of the epic battle Midway interrupted it. Ford was also in charge of shooting film at Midway. If you've ever seen the documentary Midway it is pretty dramatic. That film made its debut in color on Sept. 14, 1942. Concerning Dec. 7, you bet he utilized some invaluable color footage. To all intents and purposes, few people to this day have seen certain films in color taken by two Navy cameramen; or from Clyde Daughtery from the USS Argonne; an Army Sgt. based on Hickham; a sailor aboard the USS St. Louis; and a Capt. Hakansson, who took his film from the USS Solace, a hospital ship.

Ford first-hand witnessed the great Midway battle June 1942 and shot that in color. He and his crew did not complete the film on Pearl Harbor until after June 1942.

Unfortunately, Ford never detailed about which color film from which person was utilized for his second color cinematographic work of art. Until someone produces one or all of the above, it is mere hearsay that they still exist. Oh, it is not that it is doubtful they did not exist. It is whether, after all these years, they could all be found for the sake of documentary heritage. The evidence that we have to go by lies buried deeper than anyone has ever looked. But, there is a connection. There are a few stills in color, from Kodachrome, principally one frame that exists from the motion picture of Capt. Hakansson, the big explosion of the battleship Arizona the moment of impact that fateful morning of Dec 7, 1941.

This photo is very rare, and it is found in both magnificent, historical books entitled, A Toast For You & Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, volumes 1 and 2.

We thank you for taking the time to read this. If interested, why not order copies of the books A Toast For You & Me vol 1 and 2?

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What in the world happened first? Vol 1 is a beautiful book dealing with 1941 in particular. It also reflects what really happened in both European and Asian hemispheres. In the book are cities at peace, Portland, Oregon, Washington DC, Los Angeles, California, and El Paso, Texas, for example. Below are two small handy timelines. [Below this, is our modern war, a simple chronology of Iraq (war) or Afghanistan. An added bonus: A very interesting Survey of the facts regarding our current war on terrorism is at the bottom. Don't forget about the timeline at the top, pressing timeline (top) for a detail of 1941.]

Tiny synopsis from February 1940 on
Feb 23---Earliest intelligence reports which went to F.D.R. confirmed that the Japanese were in the process of sending advisors to Bolivia in the hope of attaining tin, a vital war material, and were also seeking oil export rights in Portuguese Timor.
Apr 9---Nazis invade Norway and Denmark. The Third Reich is invincible.
May 10---Benelux countries are invaded by Nazi Germany.
May 11---German bombers sink Belgian passenger liner Ville de Bruges (13,869 tons) in the Scheldt Estuary.
May 13---The largest country of Western Europe, France, is invaded. British Parliament unanimously endorses new government of Winston Churchill.
June 4---Dunkirk. Churchill addresses Parliament.
June 13---Pres. Roosevelt signs a Navy bill providing new construction contracts; first large step toward war and defense.
June 14---Paris occupied by Nazis. (click on white area above black bar). Lithuania, followed by Latvia and Estonia, is occupied by Soviets.
June 23---One day after France surrenders, Hitler visits Paris.
July 6---Hitler proposes a peace treaty with Great Britain based on partition of the world.
July 26---Imperial Japanese government proclaims the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. FDR invokes the Export Control Act on Japan. Fuel and lube oil and certain classes of iron and steel scrap placed on embargo.
Sep 7---London blitz commences. Prime Minister Winston Churchill on radio. (For both click on triangle.)
Charles Lindbergh on radio--differing viewpoints on war still existed.

Sep 12---Explosion at Hercules Plant Kenvil, New Jersey, kills 52 American citizens.
Sep 16---Congress passes Selective Service.
Sep 20---Genevieve Grotjan of the U.S. Army's SIS team finds the link that opens up the Purple Codes.
Sep 22---Imperial Japan marches into northern Indo-China.
Sep 25---U.S. approves $25 million loan to China.
Sep 26---Complete embargo on export of scrap iron and steel to Japan announced.
Sep 27---Imperial Japan, Imperial Italy and the Third Reich formalize their status in a ten-year treaty; thus was born the Triple Axis.
Oct 4---In a special letter to Adm. J. Richardson, Rear Adm. R. Ingersoll, Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, tells him 99% of the merchant ship code (SM) of Japan is readible; the Imperial Japanese Navy primarily used but not exclusively 4 main navy codes: SM, Shin or S ie. Code Book S, radio call signs (Yobidashi Fugo), and Code Book D (Ango Sho D), which to the ONI cryptographers in 1940-41 referred to as the 5-Num code; the last was the hardest of the total 29 separate naval codes--most ONI teams working with codebreaking and deciphering were not, I repeat, not tackling the 5-digit code; variant A at this time, but for the record, for you tough historians out there, the FBI reported a success in Department of Justice records 17 days later, [FBI report 100-97-1-98.]
Oct 8---Cincinnati Reds defeat Detroit Tigers for World Series.
Oct 28---Canadian oceanliner 43,000 ton Empress of Britain is sunk in the N. Atlantic by U-boat 32. Greece invaded by Italy.
Nov 5---President Roosevelt is reelected.
Nov 8---Cargo freighter S.S.City of Rayville is sunk by German mines south of Australia, near Cape Otway, and becomes the first U.S. ship sunk during the Second World War.
Nov 12---Tremendous explosions rocked the war production plants at Woolbridge, New Jersey, Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Edingburg, Pennsylvania.
Dec 1---To the dismay of ONI, it is discovered 5-Num traffic has a new variant.
Dec 11---Japanese government learns of the Automedon incident: the British have no capacity to defend the Far East.
Dec 29---F.D.R. makes radio broadcast for the U.S. to be the “arsenal of democracy.” Great incendiary bombing of London.
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Author Robert Valentine has also been immersed in the world of climate research--from arctic meltings to the astral, such as the fantastic aurora borealis of March 30, 2001--Perhaps, that date has a significance for you. Do you remember that date? In terms of the aurora borealis it was special.
if you want to, go to PDF page (has both climate & WW II)
or wish to go to Alert (climate)
the intrigues of Major Ed

Author Robert Valentine has also researched other endeavors, including climate research.
That book is available in ebook form. Yet, it you want to see a sample of his investigations. This involves 2003 Press here. but after you view it, please return to theWW II intro.

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Since our author Mr. Valentine HAS ALSO BEEN RESEARCHING our modern war, as well as the Second World War, we would like to end this section with a few words on terrorism. This is special information revolving on the present war against terrorism.
Mr. Valentine related how he was surprised how little, society remembers the events that give credit to our fighting forces. Forthwith is a little chronicle in the form of a time chart plus a few items of astronomical grandeur. It is more than a simple chronology of Iraq (war) or Afghanistan. ie. the faltering Gulf Stream. It is not locked into just a chronology of combat. In the future, we will expand it.
Many of the successes below took place as a result of penetrating and stopping the enemy’s telephone, internet and computer levels in addition to the sacrifices in combat. Some pre 9-11 items are first. Feel free to use the information, but kindly give credit.
--pre 9-11--
1993 First bombing of World Trade Center, NYC. State of Iran begins a global effort to obtain parts for sensitive nuclear work, such as electronic beam welders, vacuum pumps and centrifuges, which extract fusion material present in natural uranium by spinning at high speeds. [Ten years later, the UN International Atomic Energy Agency advises the world that Iran had blueprints for centrifuges similar to the ones Pakistan built to make an atomic bomb.]
1996 Iran sponsors reorganization of al-Qaida, with bin-Laden as leader. Please note, there are several ways of spelling al-Qaida, I just prefer to use the British way. Al-Qaeda is ok, too.
1997 Brahim Ben Merzouga and Baghdad Meziane, illegal aliens, slip into England and begin recruiting, and making false passports and visas, for Osama bin-Laden’s terrorist network, three years after the first bank went online via the internet. The people of America send aid to Iran ravaged by killer quake (7.5) some 1,500 people died, some 60,000 made homeless. Motorola launches first 17,500 mph low-Earth satellite that provides internet and telecommunications anywhere in the world.
1998 Two U.S. embassies are attacked in Africa; 224 dead. North Korea launches satellite on a long range missile. Pres. Clinton orders long range missile attacks on Afghanistan and Sudan; one missile is recovered intact by Pakistani scientists. El Niño of 1997-98, larger than the size of the United States, a most memorable climatic event of the last century worldwide, creates chaos; to combat it equaled $92 billion in worldwide-related damage (for 1998), breaking the old record of $60 billion by 53% (1996.) A vast size of ice in the So Pole the size of Delaware breaks off.
1999 On his way to blowup LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) Ahmed Ressan is arrested on the Canadian-U.S. border in December. [Abu Doha is behind bars in Britain on charges he masterminded the attempt to bomb LAX in 1999. Rabah Kadre, his replacement, was captured in London in November 2002]. Ten U.S. states declared major disaster areas due to Hurricane Floyd, a hurricane wider than the state of Texas; biggest evacuation in the history of the United States (2.6 million people) until eclipsed by Hurricane Katrina. The Oklahoma tornado of May 1999 with winds of 318 mph, devastates Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Number of cell phones in America exceeds 85 million. Five days after a total eclipse Aug 17, a magnitude (7.6) quake strikes Turkey, for 30-45 seconds, over 17,000 die; 50,000 are displaced; damages tally over $6.5 billion; the United States sends tons of relief. UN resolution demanding Afghanistan turn over bin-Laden is met with laughter by the Taliban. A satellite photo reveals position of bin-Laden and a special CIA-anti-bin-Laden-rebel force pinpoints target on Feb 10 but at the last moment a strike is called off–in Washington DC Pres. Clinton is up to his neck in an impeachment dilemma. Top high school problems: What teachers think are top 7 high school problems today vs. 1940: drug abuse, alcholism, pregnancy, suicide, rape, robbery, assault vs 1940: talking out of turn, making noise, cutting in line, littering, chewing gum, running in the hallways, dress code infractions.

----Afghanistan-Iraq Timetable 2000-2006--
[Has it really been 14 years that we the people of this Earth were celebrating the dawn of a new millennium? I remember getting up extra early in the pre-dawn darkness to watch the criss-crossing of time unfolding on TV, which for me meant watching a live transmission on PBS before the sun rose on some Polynesian island. Where have the cheer and bright expectations gone?
Instead, we are drawn to a cave of despair, far from our shores of America. Yes, to the other side of the world, but so very different from the yesteryear of 2000. [The 1:6 world
of action figures.]. Today, we are focused on a stage, all targeted on what actions arise from within Muslim brotherhoods. . . I see force counter force.]

Sep 2000 Super secret surveillance by U.S. military operations command on Macdill Air Force Base, Tampa Bay, Florida, identify pilot trained VISA holders Mohammed Atta and M. al-Shehhi as members of an al-Qaida terror cell operating in the United States but they don’t know how to pass the information to FBI because their operations are “supposed to be off limits” and are afraid they will get in trouble. The U.S. National Debt is $5.67 trillion.
Oct 12, 2000 Off the coast of Yemen, suicide attack on USS Cole, 17 US sailors killed. Three years after bin-Laden issued his first fatwa in 1997, he publicly issues another. He is now called by many as the Madhi, with the so-called holy war waged on 15 countries, not just Iraq, America or England. His mega terror involves almost every single continent. It is a war in the name of truth, and God, and to bring justice and purity, according to them. It is not just a conflict painted in words. We know they are wrong and disillusioned.

Jan 2001 Director Richard Clark presents Dr Condoleezza Rice a number of ideas to combat al-Qaida threat, but none pertain to U.S. territory. Killer quake strikes west coast of India (7.9) magnitude; over 20,000 died; 166,836 injured; over one million homeless; $2.3 billion in damages; America responds with tons of aid. The Baltimore Ravens win the Superbowl, last Superbowl before war.
Mar 2001 Skies of the Earth are lit in multicolored dances, the heavenly night fire in the sky (aurora) erupted in many parts of the world NOT SEEN BEFORE--and SEEN IN NORTH AMERICA from Coast To Coast. Sleeper-terrorists of 9-11 change apartments every month to avoid detection.
Apr 23, 2001 On this date exactly sixty years ago in 1941, Charles Lindberg made a public speech at an America First mass rally in NYC to make peace with Adolf Hitler because, he thinks, we cannot possibly win.
May 2001 FBI issues a report that said al-Qaida plans to attack Boston, NY and London.
June 2001 Pres. Bush and Dir. Richard Clark meet to discuss cyber-security.
July 10, 2001 Special FBI agent Ken Williams in Phoenix sends memo to Washington DC about unusual number of middle eastern men training in Arizona flight schools, possibly to “conduct terror activity against civil aviation targets” and should be investigated; FBI leadership do not read report until after 9-11.
Aug 6, 2001 While on vacation in Crawford, Tex, Pres. Bush gets a 2-pg CIA report the FBI is conducting surveillance on suspicious activity; is titled Bin-Laden Determined To Strike in U.S.
late Aug 2001 CIA report Islamic Extremist Learns to Fly is placed on CIA director’s desk, Mr. Tenet. At least 30 communications indicating a possible imminent terrorist attack have been intercepted by various American intelligence posts. Before the summer is over, the FAA receives at least 52 separate warnings about bin-Laden or al-Qaida and prevents FAA Red teams from retesting airports that show inadequate guard, according to a National Geographic special investigation. The FAA warns some of the largest U.S. airports, including Boston’s Logan and New Jersey’s Newark of possible hijacks.
Aug 29, 2001 Atta calls accomplice in Germany with coded message, “Two sticks, a dash, and a cake with a stick down.” Accomplice Ramsi understands it to be zero hour.
early Sep 2001 Final preparations made by terrorists include using the internet in Public libraries for free.
Sep 6, 2001 In Brooklyn, a New Utricht High School freshman, a recent immigrant from Pakistan, tells his teacher as he points to the window that the 2 buildings in the distance, Twin Towers, will not be standing next week. This conversation is later verified by the FBI as actually taking place.
Tuesday Sep 11, 2001 Four jet airliners are hijacked by 19 Muslim extremists, 3 crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, out of 25,000 workers in Pentagon almost 200 are killed; 1 airliner is brought down in Pennsylvania; total American deaths almost 3,000.
Sep 13, 2001 Former soccer star Nezar Trabelsi arrested; he had plans to launch attacks on two American targets.
Sep 14, 2001 Congress authorizes use of force against those responsible for 9-11; the Senate passes it 98-0, the House 420-1.
Sep 21, 2001 89 million Americans view “America: A Tribute to Heroes” on 30 national broadcast and cable television networks and 8000 radio stations featuring nearly 50 Hollywood stars and celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Celine Dion, Jack Nicholson, Muhammad Ali, Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood, Jon Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson, Enrique Iglesias, and Tom Hanks; telethon raises over $200 million for victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Sep 24, 2001 U.S. freezes assets of terrorist-supporting organizations.
Oct 7, 2001 Western forces retaliate for 9-11 in the mountainous central Asian country of Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom commences.

Oct 22, 2001 Two Washington DC area postal workers die of anthrax.
Nov 16, 2001 Mullah Omar rejects the peace offer stating Taliban will fight to the death.
Nov 19, 2001 So-called “Death Confirmation” of Abu Hafs al-Masri, former renegade Egyptian police officer (aka Abu Khabab al-Masri)–original senior member of Islamid Jihad, son-in-law of bin Laden, the bomb expert who trained Richard Reid, purveyor of Operation Zabadi, the man bin Laden personally named as his successor in the event of his death–is announced dead by Pakistan Ambassador Abd Al-Salam Dhaif who exclaimed “Abu Hafs al-Masri died from injuries he suffered after U.S. warplanes bombed his house near Kabul” on Nov 16. This headline news was erroneous; he actually survived.
Nov 25, 2001 Last major Taliban stronghold in n Afghanistan falls, thousands of Taliban taken.
Dec 7, 2001 The 60th Anniversary of bombing of Pearl Harbor & the start of WW II for U.S.
Dec 9, 2001 Vice-Pres. Cheney appears on Meet The Press purports Sadam is in an aggressive pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.
Dec 22, 2001 Richard Reid boards an American Airlines jet in Paris (to Miami) and enroute tried to ignite a bomb concealed in his shoe, but is subdued. Saajid Badat was to board another flight also for America but chickens out; not until Nov 27, 2003, is he caught. Ever since then, most air traveler’s shoes are checked.
2001 By year’s end, all universities in Great Britain are visited by govt security experts to monitor foreign students who might be “sleeper agents” or 5th Columns, particularly universities which handle sensitive govt defense work. 89,079 fires burn 3.57 million acres across the U.S. in 2001. A behemoth slice of Antarctic ice twice the size of Delaware, 183 miles long, breaks off. Donald Rumsfelt assumes command of Dept of Defense. A new U.S. military unit to fight terrorist attacks is established called Northcom, Northern Command.

Jan 29, 2002 Pres. Bush brands Iraq, Iran and North Korea as the Axis of Evil.
Feb 23, 2002 60th Anniversary of the bombing of California in WW II; near Santa Barbara.
Mar 3, 2002 Operation Anaconda begins an effort to wipe out Taliban in Shah-I-Kot Mountains.
Mar 8, 2002 Asteroid 2002 EM7 (250-350 ft. in diam) passes within 279,000 miles of Earth.
Mar 11, 2002 NYC skyline is lit up with 2 giant 40-ft wide shafts of light as a memorial to 9-11.
Mar 28, 2002 60th WW II Anniversary of the FBI arrests of dangerous San Francisco Japanese aliens who are members of the secret "Military Virtue Society."
Apr 9, 2002 60th WW II Anniversary of the Fall of Bataan; 70,000 prisoners.
Apr 28, 2002 60th Anniversary of World War Two’s The Victory Caravan by Hollywood stars in Washington DC to raise funds for Bonds, part of multi-city appearances.
May 8, 2002 Jose Padilla, born in Brooklyn, working with al-Qaida, is arrested in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, a radiation plot (dirty bomb) was allegedly stopped; but not made public until June; convicted on Aug 16, 2007, of conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim, conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, and of providing material support to terrorists.
May 12, 2002 The WW II Anniversary of a U-boat exploding a ship at mouth of Mississippi river.
May 17, 2002 On this date some sixty years ago 1.3 million American citizens attended massive rally at Central Park in New York for “I Am an American Day”.
May 29, 2002 On this date some sixty years ago San Francisco Civil Defense officials began distributing gas masks to Air Raid Wardens.
June 2, 2002 On this date some sixty years ago all radio stations from Mexico to Canada were ordered off the air at 9:22 p.m.
Jun 13, 2002 Sixty years ago the first German saboteurs landed in the United States near Long Island, from a Nazi submarine.
June 2002 Huge unexploded bomb, with ammonium nitrate fertilizer, found outside U.S. embassy in Karachi. This enemy plot was foiled. Secret CIA memorandum warns Pres. Bush that Moscow has begun intensive spying operations against U.S. interests on a world-wide scale. Over 1500 delegates gather in Afghanistan to elect leader. The 60th Anniversary of Midway, greatest WW II sea battle utilizied the busting of enemy secret codes. Outnumbered 125 to 1, nine American sailors are captured on Kiska Is. by Japanese sixty years ago.
July 4, 2002 The Anniversaries of “This is the Army” musical debut on Broadway, featuring songs by Irving Berlin, AND the U.S. Post Office eagle stamp with wings forming a “V” for Victory.
July 21, 2002 In 1942, announcement of 44,143 Americans killed, wounded and missing during the Second World War.
Aug 11, 2002 On this date some sixty years ago War Production Board orders the entire crop of California wine grapes diverted to the production of raisins for the Armed Forces.
Aug 24, 2002 Walt Disney premiered Saludos Amigos some sixty years ago.
Sep 2002 Out of over 20,000 CIA documents, 65,000 pages total reviewed, not intended for the general public but presented to Tenet, Michael Scheuer CIA Chief bin Laden Unit (1996-1999) acknowledges there can be found no connection between state-sponsored Iraq and al-Qaeda.
Sep 25, 2002 European agents of bin Laden are captured in England, including computer wiz Kamel Daoudi.
Oct 7, 2002 Pres. Bush makes a nationwide address stating we cannot wait for the final proof condones action for war.
Oct 11, 2002 U.S. Congress passes “Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002”. Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Chief of Def. Paul Wolfowitz share the belief the people of Iraq will share a new government peacefully; Secretary of State Colin Powell, former commanding general and veteran, urges President Bush not to believe in that.
Oct 12, 2002 Terrorists blast nightclub in Bali, killing 202, another 100 injured.
Nov 11, 2002 In 1942, announcement of Liberty ship in San Francisco Bay completed in record time of 4 days, 15 hours, 26 minutess.
Nov 30, 2002 Sixty years ago, the U.S. Treasury launched the First War Loan; ended December 23, 1942, totaling almost $13 billion, surpassing the goal of $9 billion. However, only $1.6 billion of this was sold to individuals, while patriotic corporatons and commercial banks accounted for most of the remainder of the total.
Nov 2002 Al-Nashiri, regarded by the CIA as al-Qaida’s most senior Gulf liaison man, was captured by U.S. Special forces. Super secret raid in London netted 3 terrorists for possession of articles to make a gas bomb in Britain. Abu Ali, Osama bin Laden’s security guard, and 5 others who were planning to detonate an oil pipeline in Yemen, were killed by a CIA strike; a little missile from a lethal Predator drone got them. This is the first U.S. strike against terrorism outside Afghanistan. UN Security Council unanimously accepts resolution to force Iraq to give up its weapons of mass destruction or face “serious consequences.”. After a year absence, UN weapons inspectors reenter Iraq but, virtually every time they inspect an area, the area is wiped clean; someone in the UN keeps tipping off Iraqis beforehand.
Dec 2002 Hans Blix, Chief UN Weapons Inspector, announces to the world that Iraq has failed to provide evidence that it no longer has weapons of mass destruction. The U.S. has 60,000 troops in the Persian Gulf.
Also in 2002: The Gatekeeper and The Keyholder, two of bin Laden’s top lieutenants that handle money transaction for al-Qaida, were apprehended; assets worth over 66 million pounds have also been seized. Ramzi Bin al-Shibh–the mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks–was captured in a dramatic gun fight in Karachi. Twelve hundred al-Qaida suspects have been nabbed in America alone by years end. The world saw the Klez worm, a virus that infiltrated email. Coincidentally, Malaysia is noted as haven for pro-al Qaida cyberterrorism. .my is country domain name. Along the Afghanistan border–none other than al-Qaida’s military chief Mohammad Atef met his death, the exact same way as Abu Ali: a lethal Predator drone shot out a little missile, fired by an American specialist. Atef was killed in the front room of a villa by a drone operated by an American in a secret room thousands of miles away in Florida, using satellite!

Jan 23, 2003 Azmi Jay-yous meets Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq and was given orders to destroy 3 targets in Amman, Jordan: Jordanian’s Prime Minister Office, the HQ of GID (Jordan’s CIA equivalent) and the U.S. embassy; with 71 chemicals, including nerve gas.
Feb 5, 2003 Secretary Colin Powell publicly presents information from “a solid source”? at a UN meeting that Saddam provides “convoys” of trucks for the manufacture of bio and chemicals in secret labs–it is now realized the solid source was the brother of Ahmad Chalabi, codename Curveball. The BND, German Intelligence Service, warned the CIA that Curveball is unreliable and could be fabricating a weapons of mass destruction scenario. (The CIA fell for the curveball and missed.)
Feb 2003 M.I.T.-educated Aafi Siddiqui was arrested in Karachi for assisting al-Qaida. The man with no hands, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, member of al-Zabadi, is captured.
Mar 2003 The great mastermind of numerous terrorists attacks, the al-Qaida’s operations chief Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, was apprehended southwest of the Pakistan capital. Two flasks are found in a locker in a train station in central Paris containing the deadly poison ricin. Russia, Germany, and France, permanent members of the UN Security Council, vow to veto UN resolution calling for war in Iraq.
Mar 17, 2003 Pres. Bush gives 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam and his sons.
Mar 19, 2003 Operation Decapitation Strike to kill Saddam opens the US-led war in Iraq; before dawn, Stealth bombers drop Bunker Busters and U.S. and British warships launch long-range missiles at Iraq.
Mar 20, 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom, the air-naval-ground invasion of Iraq, commences; an allied force of 214,000 Americans, 45,000 British, 2,000 Australians, 2,400 Polish and several other countries; about 600 US and international journalists risk their lives and cover the invasion. Opposite them are an est. 13 Iraqi infantry divisions and 10 armored/mechanized divisions.
Mar 23, 2003 Awesome sandstorm over 700 miles-wide engulfs Iraq. “I was scared,” Sgt. Julie Moretta, “It was almost like the world was coming to an end. The sand was actually vertically, all the way up to 12-17,000 feet up in the air.”
Mar 26, 2003 Fierce Iraqi attack on 200-mile long Allied supply line. Thirty miles so. of Chicago & caught on tape by local news, fragments of a parent asteroid falls on earth communities; no one hurt.
Mar 27, 2003 Largest airborne operation since the Second World War, 1000 paratroopers of the U.S. 173rd Airborne Brigade parachutes into no. Iraq to aid the 10th Special Forces Group near Bashur Airfield; Kurdish civilians are liberated.
Mar 28, 2003 British relief ship arrives in Umm Qasr with over 200 tons of food, water, and medicine.
Mar 29, 2003 The first suicide bomber that kills U.S. soldiers (4) at a checkpoint near Najaf occurs.
Mar 31, 2003 A van refuses to halt at a checkpoint no. of Najaf and is fired upon by U.S. troops; 7 civilians killed.
Apr 1, 2003 Super secret Task Force 20, (TF 20) leads the mission of Rangers and Seals to rescue Pfc Jessica Lynch. The Fedayeen had vacated. First quarter profits for ExxonMobil reach 7 billion dollars.
Apr 9, 2003 Baghdad falls. Seven thousand six hundred and forty-five miles away, one of the FBI’s most senior Chinese counterintelligence agents, 30 yr-veteran James J. Smith is arrested for theft of classified US documents that allowed access of such documents to a Chinese double agent, Katrina Leung, MSS [Ministry of Chinese State Security] aka Chen Wen Ling, who was nabbing classified materials from the briefcase of the FBI. She was originally hired in the 1980s–if you can believe it–to spy for the US, but, in reality she was a double agent. She made suckers of the FBI–involving nuclear and advanced technology secrets; later released because of a court boo-boo.
Apr 12, 2003 Amazing story involving the discovery of over 300 black vests. These were explosive-filled time-bombs that fitted over a person just like a vest. Covered with clothes from a distance its wearer could not be identifiable until it was too late! They are an invention not even the fanatic of fanatics–the SS of Nazi Germany–had used. On a tip from local Iraqi civilians, U.S. Marines and an MSNBC crew were led to a school deep inside Baghdad. Row upon row of vests, neatly aligned, were on a coathanger, wrapped like clean plastic laundry bags, ready to be shipped out. Upon close inspection, the black vests had a lining of wide sheaths of yellow-brown explosives with beads of ball-bearings. Muslim looters empty Iraq’s National Museum of Antiquities. Before end of April, TF 20 captures Iraqi scientists Dr. Germ (Rihab Taha), Texas-trained microbiologist Mrs. Anthrax (Huda Salih) + Mohammed Abbas. The Treasury Launched the Second War Bond Drive of WW II on this date 60 years ago. Upon its completion on May 1, 1943, over $18,500,000,000 had been invested in the war effort–$5 billion over its $13 billion goal; some $4.5 million and $170,000 worth of advertising were contributed by newspapers and magazines, respectively. The Second War Loan alone totaled 90% of the combined loan sales of World War One.
Apr 13, 2003 On ABC Nightline with Ted Koppel, USAID Administrator Andrew Nastios states it will cost no more than $1.7 billion to the American taxpayer for the rebuilding of Iraq.
May 29, 2003 Small trailers captured by U.S. and Kurdish troops are declared to be long-sought mobile “biological laboratories.” Pres. Bush declared, “We have found the weapons of mass destruction.” Later found not to be the case.
June-September European heat wave kills over 70,000 people in several countries; not 35,000 est.
July 2003 Forest land around the French Riviera totaling about 8,000 hectares incinerated due to fires, 4 tourists killed; thousands of wild animals died; expect it to take 50 years to recover.
Jul 1, 2003 On this date in 1943, F.D.R. commutes death sentence of M. Stephen to “life”–convicted for treason in aiding escaped Nazi pilot.
Jul 2, 2003 Lt. Charles B. Hall of 99th Fighter Squadron is the first Black airman to shoot down a German plane, an FW-190 over western Sicily sixty years ago.
Aug 14, 2003 Power outage in eight U.S. states creates a massive black-out affecting 40 million people, largest blackout in North American history.
Aug 17, 2003 The 60th WW II Anniversary of the liberation of Sicily.
Sep 8, 2003 The U.S. Treasury launched the third War Bond Drive of World War II to help defray the huge cost of the war some sixty years ago. With the help of singer Dina Shore, singing America; United We stand.[Don't double click.]
Sep 28, 2003 Massive power-black-out in Italy affects over 52 million people.
Nov 2003 Pres. Bush signs HR 3289, an $87 billion supplemental spending bill into law.
Dec 13, 2003 Nebuchadnezzar megalomaniac Saddam Hussein is captured.
2003 By year’s end: Abu Zubeida, a world traveler who loved to train and recruit, was captured. Al-Qaida’s senior commander Oman al-Faruq had not only been captured, but it is believed he talked to save his own skin. The International Institute for Strategic Studies in London issued an annual report that estimated al-Qaida had a worldwide membership of about 18,000 operatives in 90 countries. Osama bin-Laden announces his intention to bankrupt the U.S. The fastest worm in the world coincidentally arises, infecting 75,000 computers in first 10 minutes; doubling every 8.5 seconds, known as Sapphire or the Slammer. Blackouts affect over 114 million people worldwide. A record 450-mile wide winter storm strikes U.S. East Coast.

Jan 2004 In the hills of northern Iraq, a 17-pg letter from former sex-offender Jordanian al-Zarqawi is intercepted on the possession of Hassan Ghul, proposing to start a civil war between Iraq’s Sunni and Shiite Muslims. In part it read, “It is the only way to prolong the duration of the fight between the infidels and us. If we succeed in dragging them into a sectarian war, this will awaken the sleepy Sunnis who are fearful of destruction and death at the hands of the Shia.” It also called Americans the “biggest cowards that God has created.”
Jan 18, 2004 Suicide bomb detonation at main gate of U.S. HQ in Iran, the worst attack on American headquarters. Fourth WW II War Bond Drive commenced in America 60 years ago.
Jan 25, 2004 CBS’s 60 Minutes airs expose on mishandling of state pension funds in N.Y., Conoco-Philips, and (the only American firm in the late 1990s to do business w/Saddam despite an embargo to the tune of $23 bill through European subsidiaries) Halliburton which sells $40 million of oil services to Iran govt.
Jan 30, 2004 Dr Condoleeza Rice publicly admits on CBS that U.S. intelligence did not secure accurate evidence concerning WMD in Iraq.
Feb 10, 2004 Civil war letter of Jan is made public. Brigadier General Mark Kimmit warns, “There is clearly a plan on the part of outsiders to come into this country and spark civil war, breed sectarian violence and try to expose fissures in society.”
Feb 12, 2004 Working with the FBI, an informant helps catch two leaders of an Albany, New York, mosque who agreed to launder money to help purchase a surface to air missile to attack the Pakistani Embassy in NYC. Posing as pro-al Qaida sympathizer Sharren Rossermill, American mother and former judge, uses her knowledge–on her personal home computer–of cyber space to help apprehend Ryan Gibson Anderson, convert to Islam in 1999, trying to betray his country and aiding the enemy at a time of war; primary evidence from this U.S. tank crewman was how he provided unit deployment and other secret military information to al-Qaida via the internet and caught on videotape willingly to share military information with federal undercover agents he believed to be al-Qaida members.
Mar 11, 2004 Trains bombed in Madrid, Spain; 191 innocent civilians dead and 1800+ injured due to 10 backpacks with bombs hustled by 13 Westernized Muslims; one fails to detonate at 7:40 am by cell phone; was recovered because the terrorist made a boo boo–the idiot input 'pm' instead of' 'am.' New York’s Grand Central Station along with other drawings and photos were discovered on a disc on a laptop in Madrid. Twenty suspects arrested; 4 blew themselves up.
Mar 19, 2004 CBS news William Jenese live in Iraq reports number of attacks down from 24 to 4 a month with help of sheiks.
Mar 27, 2004 Asteroid 2004 FY15, 25 meters wide (75 ft) passes within 14,780 miles of Earth.
Mar 30, 2004 Over 700 officers and secret agents conduct the biggest anti-terrorist operation in the history of the United Kingdom (Operation Crevis), arrest of sleeper agents; bomb making ingredients, including plastic explosive RDX and over half a ton of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in a public storage center near Heathrow Airport.
Mar 31, 2004 A brilliant meteor flashes across Australia and crashes in Queensland.
Apr 3, 2004 Mastermind of Madrid Train bombings along with 4 other gang members prefer to blow themselves up in an apartment in Leganes, a Madrid suburb, instead of surrendering. Osama bin-Laden offers a truce with European countries “that do not attack Muslim countries”, the offered temporary truce would last 3 months.
April 2004 Passengers on Lufthansa Airlines flying between Los Angeles-Germany can surf the web from 35,000 ft. A significant tornado 2.5 miles wide barrels across Halem, Nebraska.
May 11, 2004 A screaming Nicholas Berg beheaded by Iraqi terrorists; video tape is released on internet.
May 30, 2004 On this date sixty years ago, there are 1,526,965
Americans in Britain. The Anniversary of 1944 chronology.
(one more and the island will sink so they said.)
Allied soldiers begin boarding ships for the secret D-Day invasion.
May 31, 2004 Radical Muslims in Fallujah kill and mutilate the bodies of 4 American contractors.
Jun 3, 2004 At approximately 2:45 am over Pacific NW a meteor that is so large explodes and causes the night to turn into day for an instant near Seattle.
Jun 4, 2004 The 60th WW II Anniversary of the liberation of Rome, Italy

Jun 6, 2004 The 60th WW II Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion; over 2,876,000 men, over 4,000 landing ships, 20,000 vehicles, and over 13,000 aircraft form the entire D-Day invasion. One thousand nine hundred and 66 fighters provide escort air protection. A sky train fifty miles long helps resupply Allied troops on Normandy. Blood donors stampede into Red Cross in New York City (Manhattan and Brooklyn) producing an increase of 300% in appointments over the normal. Oil refineries at Ploesti bombed by U.S. 15th A.F. Americans at home grew their own fresh fruits and vegetables to the tune of 20.5 million Victory gardens.

Jun 12, 2004 Fifth War Bond Drive commenced in America
some 60 years ago;
some $20 billion was raised--the largest of the 8 Bond Drives.
Jun 15, 2004 The 60th WW II Anniversary of the invasion of the Marianas; over 160,000 U.S. troops plus a quarter of a million U.S. sailors, protected by 7 heavy Essex class aircraft carriers, 8 light carriers and a dozen baby flattops, invade Saipan.
Jun 28, 2004 The United States of America transfers sovereignty to Iraq.
July 5, 2004 St. Louis flooded.
July 7, 2004 A huge fireball from a meteor of tremendous size whizzes over the night skies of Texas, Oklahoma and south-central U.S.; caught on film by camera in patrol car of Rowlett, Texas.
July 13, 2004 Mohammed Naeen Noor Khan, nicknamed The Codebreaker, main developer of a homemade computer program of codes for bin-Laden is captured along with 3 laptops and 50 CD’s packed with secrets [including informative details about the uniforms the security guards wear in several key targets and when they change shifts,] plus the awesome information the World Bank Building, NY Stock Exchange, Heathrow Airport, and the 59-story Citigroup tower are the main targets.
July 17, 2004 Another unusually large fireball not only is witnessed over Australia, it explodes with a mighty boom.
July 2004 Congress votes 96-0 and 410-12 to continue funding war in Iraq.
Aug 3, 2004 From the intelligence lead of July 13, two Muslim men in northern England and 11 others in and around London are arrested, one was the leader of al-Qaida’s British cell who was almost finished with his plan to bomb Heathrow, codename Bilal.
Aug 15, 2004 The 60th WW II Anniversary of the Allied Invasion
and liberation of the French Riviera involving over 330,000 men and about 900 ships, including Liberty ships (left).

Hollywood star Tyrone Power in uniform.

Aug 25, 2004 60th Anniversary of the liberation of Paris by French and U.S. forces.

Sep 3, 2004 Fort Lewis, Washington, Army National Guardsman Ryan G. Anderson guilty of five counts of seeking to aid the enemy during a time of war and attempted espionage is sentenced 5 concurrent life terms for his crimes; his mother, Linda Tucker, wept quietly and wiped her eyes with a tissue.
Sep 4, 2004 Hurricane Frances, the size of Texas, makes landfall on the United States, reaches $8.9 billion in damages; 2 million without power.
Sep 7, 2004 CNN reports death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq reaches 1000.
Sep 9, 2004 Hurricane Ivan measured with wind speeds of 200 mph at 4 a.m. off Grenada.
Sep 15, 2004 Pres. Bush requests Senate to shift $3.4 billion of the $18.4 billion Iraqi aid-reconstruction package toward security.
Sep 25, 2004 Hurricane Jeanne slams into Florida AND INTO MIAMI; at least 1.5 million homes and businesses are without power; over 3,600 Natl Guard troops deployed.
Sep 30, 2004 New program takes effect to require fingerprinting and photographing of travelers from 27 countries entering the USA via airports and seaports, Canadian and Mexican borders excluded. UK, Japan, Germany and Australia included.
Sep 2004 Plot to attack London financial district is stopped. Hurricane Ivan crisscrosses America twice, eventually tallies $14 billion in damage and 52 deaths. Hurricane Ivan produced 34 tornadoes within 12 hours of initial landfall.

Battleship USS Iowa.
Philippine President Osmena with General MacArthur.

Oct 20, 2004 60th Anniversary of the start of liberation of the Philippines 132,000 U.S. troops supported by
a 700 ship armada and over 20 light and heavy U.S. aircraft carriers and their air armadas land on Leyte.
Oct 26, 2004 Greatest sea battle in history 60 years ago off the Philippines known as Battle of Leyte Gulf: U.S. lost 6 ships; the Japanese lost 3 battleships, 4 aircraft carriers, 10 cruisers and myriad other ships.
Oct 27, 2004 Azzam the American traitor debuts on al-Qaida videotape calling for the streets in the U.S. to run “red with blood” and to wage war on the United States.
Oct 2004 Al-Zarqawi claims loyalty to bin-Laden and changes the name of his group to “al-Qaida in Iraq.”
Nov 2, 2004 President Bush is reelected for second term.
Nov 3, 2004 A massive wave of solar plasma with a speed of 2 million miles an hour w/x-ray radiation of 5,000 suns skims past earth.
Nov 8, 2004 The largest U.S. military operation since March 2003 is conducted with assault on Fallujah.
Dec 8, 2004 Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld issues speech in Town Hall Meeting in Kuwait: Today is December 8th.  Sixty three years ago today our nation declared war on an enemy that had launched a sneak attack on the United States and killed thousands of people.  I remember the day well.  I doubt that many of you do.  [Laughter]  Some six decades later, America faces another global conflict.  And, as it was in 1941, a new generation of Americans has been asked to come to freedom’s defense.... the determination of the women who braved violence and cast their ballots in Afghanistan in what was the first ever democratic presidential election in the country’s history.
Think of it, yesterday, December 7th, the inauguration of the first popularly elected president in Afghan’s history. I was there to see that historic event and I’ll never forget it.  And, all of you who serve in our military in all the coalition countries that assisted in Afghanistan will look back in five or ten or fifteen or twenty years and know that you were a part of something enormously important.  Twenty five million Afghan people liberated, voting, tears in their eyes, yesterday at the inauguration of Hamid Karzai.  And, as you consider your service in Iraq, think also of the tens of thousands of Iraqis who have volunteered to risk their lives....On this day, 63 years ago, Franklin Roosevelt ended his address on December 8, 1941, to the Congress by vowing that no matter how long it may take, we will not only defend ourselves to the utmost, but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us....we have 1.4 million men and women in uniform in the active force. We have something like 865,000 in the Active Reserves, the Selective Reserves.  And, we have something like 450,000 in the Individual Ready Reserves.  We have in this AOR – Area of Responsibility – today, something in the neighborhood of – for the sake of argument – 200,000.  That’s 200,000 out of 1.4 million plus 600,000 and so well over 2.5 million people who we can call on at any given time.  So you can be sure that we have the capability we need.  There are elements of the force, however, that have been stressed and we read a lot about that and we hear a lot about that on television and it’s a fact....As you know, you go to war with the army you have.  They’re not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.  .  . .
Dec 19, 2004 Asteroid 2004 YD5 passed within 23,000 miles of Earth.
Dec 22, 2004 Abu Ahmed, aka Abdul Aziz Sa dun Ahmed Hamduni senior coordinator of al-Zarqawi is apprehended.
Dec 26, 2004 A horrifically deadly 9.1 quake strikes Indonesia, caused by the snap of the earth’s crust (Burma and Indian plates), causes a tsunami; over 240,000 dead. U.S. sends the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and 11 other large naval warships AND C-130 Seahawks and C-2 Greyhound transport planes with emergency food, aid and supplies into predominant Muslim Indonesia.
Dec 31, 2004 A car bomb at a Baghdad restaurant kills 8 people, wounds about 30 including 3 Western journalists.
2004 By year’s end, “Baby Face” Ghailani, one of the world’s most wanted criminals, is captured in the city of Gujrat, Pakistan, after a gun battle; a bounty of $25 million on his head. Debt of United States is claimed at $3.1 trillion (3x the GNP of U.S.) 18% of the avg American civilian worker weekly paycheck is going to cover individual debt. Tennessee, Georgia, Nevada worst states with most bankruptcies. In December, bin-Laden releases an audio tape that calls al-Zarqawi prince of al-Qaida in Iraq and tells his listeners to obey al-Zarqawi.

Jan 1, 2005 The WW II Anniversary when Germans launch massive aerial assault on Allied Lines all along the Western Front. The Allies loose over 180 aircraft.
Jan 4, 2005 Hollywood director Steven Spielberg donates $1.5 million to the tsunami relief groups CARE, Oxfam, and Save the Children. Kamikazes on this date in 1945, in force hit six Allied warships off Luzon, Lingayen Gulf, Philippines.
Jan 5, 2005 Pitted against 1300 students, San Diegito High School senior Aaron Goldin of California wins the Siemens-Westinghouse Competition, nation’s premier science contest with his invention the Gyro-Gen that can draw electricity from the force of ocean waves.
Jan 23, 2005 On this date in 1945, Sgt. Oresko, Co C, 302 Inf Reg, 94th Inf Div despite being wounded single handedly knocks out 2 bunkers near Tettingen (and is presented the Medal of Honor 9 months later.) U.S. 7th Arm retakes St. Vith.
Jan 28, 2005 On this date in 1945, the Battle of the Bulge ended, total U.S. casualties were 80,000 men.

Downtown war-time Bastogne, Belgium, in rare color. (From Author’s Collection.)
Jan 30, 2005 Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction reports to Congress that it lost track of approximately $8.8 billion of Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) funds provided to Iraqi ministries through the national budget process; Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc., (KBR) did not provide the CPA with sufficiently detailed cost data. Iraqi legislative (Parliament) election IN HALF A CENTURY.
Jan 2005 Al-Qaida has shifted tactics by this month: they are looking for sleepers who do not appear Arab, including women. Average gas price nationwide $1.78 according to U.S. Energy Dept. Torrential Pineapple Express brings record rains to California while worst storm in decades hits northern Europe.
Feb 2005 Bin-Laden issues to al-Ayman al-Zawahiri to step up operations in Europe. A suicide attack on Iraq security police by al-Qaida group wipes out 125.
Feb 3, 2005 The WW II Anniversary that U.S. forces enter suburbs of Manila, the liberation includes 1,300 civilian inmates at Bilibid prison. American bombers strike Berlin.
Feb 20, 2005 Al-Zarqawi’s most trusted aide is captured, Abu Qutaybah, along with al-Zarqawi’s personal driver and 2 of his senior commanders, Mohammed N. Ibrahem and Haidar Abu Bawari.
Feb 22, 2005 Poingant film, Frontline, A Company of Soldiers airs prime time on PBS, reveals combat in Iraq is really a series of blockades, search, hit-and-run enemy attacks, according to the documentary some 1400 insurgents killed, 10,000 enemy wounded; in 1 rare clip as an interview is being filmed, out of nowhere a thunderous shaking explosion, a 122 mm Chinese rocket hit the U.S. base; the inside story of one American unit, the 8th Cavalry, stationed in so. Baghdad; traces their real life story in the streets of Baghdad; also shows direct hits by enemy rpg’s and on troops wearing old-fashioned armor vests.
Feb 23, 2005 The WW II Anniversary of Marines raising flag over Suribachi, Iwo Jima, 1945.
Feb 23, 2005 In the company of the 94th Inf Div, CCB reaches the main north-south road that led to the ancient city of Trier, some 4.8 miles north sixty years ago. Bradley and Eisenhower want Patton to halt his drive completely, however Patton manages to be granted 48 hours to keep the armored division and to continue the attack for the purpose of capturing Trier. Corregidor captured.
Mar 11, 2005 Metropolis of Cologne, Germany, was liberated in 1945.
by March 11 from Nazi oppression by American troops.
Mar 14, 2005 U.S. military govt was established on Iwo Jima at a cost of 26,038 U.S. casualties some seventy years ago. All resistance in Manila, Philippines has ended, civilian casualties top 100,000. U.S. sustains 6,500 casualties for it's liberation.
Mar 21, 2005 Severe weather skirts San Francisco complete with a tornado.
Mar 23, 2005 A Prosperity Partnership Of North America announced, early step to a North American Union.
Mar 27, 2005 Last Easter blessing by Pope John Paul II.
Mar 31, 2005 60th WW II Anniversary 2nd Arm crosses Dortmund-Ems Canal and cuts the Ruhr-Berlin Superhighway. 2nd and 3rd Arm spearheads toward Berlin, a little less than 200 miles away. 12th Arm fights out of the Black Forest.

Apr 1, 2005 60th WW II Anniversary of the Invasion of Okinawa with over 600,000 men supported by 1300 ships. Stalin tells Eisenhower that Berlin is of no importance-then orders Zhukov and Konev to take Berlin before the Allies. U.S. 2nd Arm Div races to Berlin.
Apr 7, 2005 60th WW II Anniversary of the discovery of 285 tons of gold, 1200 crates of priceless art and paintings valued over 80 million dollars in a mine at Merkers by the 90th Inf Div; the first secret depository encountered by an Allied army. Eisenhower cables to Marshal in Washington DC he could re-adjust his plans to capture Berlin. RAF Bomber Command discontinues air strikes over Germany.
Apr 10, 2005 The 60th WW II Anniversary of the liberation of prisoners from concentration camp at Buchenwald; worst horrors of Hitler’s Reich revealed.
Apr 11, 2005 U.S. 9th Army reaches Elbe, while 2nd Arm Div crosses Elbe at Schonebeck advancing to some 50 miles west of Berlin about sixty years ago. German a-a guns knock out thirty American tanks of the 13th Arm Div just outside Siegburg. 12 Arm and 42nd Inf Div capture Schoenfurt.
Apr 14, 2005 U.S. Ninth Army fifty miles from Berlin. Ike orders his troops to halt at the Elbe instead of going on to Berlin sixty years ago. He fears Hitler is setting up forces in Bavaria.
Apr 15, 2005 The 60th WW II Anniversary of Eisenhower shifting weight of U.S. strength from the North to the South, with the foundation of the Allied attack at Nuremburg, the shrine of Adolf Hitler. U.S. 3rd and 45th Inf divisions capture Bamberg, 50 kilometers from Nuremburg. British troops liberate Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.
Apr 17, 2005 60th Anniversary of the closing of the German Ruhr pocket final prisoner count: 335,000 Germans.
Apr 21, 2005 All resistance in Nuremburg ceases. U.S. 10th Arm captures atomic scientists and laboratory at Hechlingen sixty years ago. Americans crack key Okinawan defense on Sugar-Loaf Hill.
Apr 29, 2005 60th Anniversary of German surrender in Italy; U.S suffers 1,914 killed and 6,160 wounded since Apr fifth; 36,169 U.S. were killed and 90,455 U.S. were wounded overall in Italy. Patton’s 15th Arm Div liberates Moosburg pow camp of 30,000 including 14,000 Americans.
Apr 29-May 7 Operation Manna for starving people in western Holland (1945).
Apr 30, 2005 About sixty years ago, U.S. 45th Inf Div captures Munich, Germany; after 20 days of fighting in the Harz Mountains, the last of 70,000 Germans are captured by U.S. forces. The last of the German 148th Division and 3 Italian divisions surrrender to Brazilian forces (Smoking Cobras) over 14,700 enemy troops, including 2 generals. U.S. 7th Army captures Augsburg. There existed worldwide 65,000 U.S. Army Nurses, 100,000 U.S. Army WACS, 87,000 WAVES, 19,000 Women Marines, over 112,000 women in the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps, and Hitler commits suicide in a Berlin bunker.
May 4, 2005 60th WWII Anniversary of German force surrendering to Monty receives surrender of northwest Germany, Holland, and Denmark. U.S. Fifth and Seventh armies link up in Austria at Brenner Pass.
May 6, 2005 Operation Pau-kenschlag against the United States Coast ordered stopped all German forces to lay down their arms. 60th WWII Anniversary of U.S. 16th Arm Div liberates Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.
May 7, 2005 60th WWII Anniversary of German unconditional surrender at Ike’s HQ in Rheims at 0141 hours. Russians are represented but Moscow later will ignore this surrender in its propaganda. 803rd Tank Destroyers ambushed near Volary, Czechoslovakia, 1 killed, 3 wounded. Pfc Dominic Mozzetta, 97th Inf Div, fires a shot at a German sniper near Klenovice, Czechoslovakia, at night and this is claimed as the last shot fired in the European Theater of War.

May 8, 2005 60th WWII Anniversary of Victory in Europe. Germany surrenders 1945. Eight GI’s from 26th Inf Div killed in Pernek, Czechoslovakia. Total U.S. ground casualties in Czechoslovakia: 116 killed and 353 wounded. Total U.S. ground casualties in Austria: 118 killed and 507 wounded. VE-Day [Total U.S. Army (including air force) casualties in Europe 177, 549 killed; 472,742 wounded; 151,920 non-battle casualties. Total U.S. Navy casualties in Europe: 5,793 killed and 6,077 wounded.]
May 11, 2005 The Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief Act, 2005 signed into law by Pres Bush, primarily: $907.3 million for Indian Ocean tsunami relief, $1.2 billion for domestic counterterrorism programs, $4.1 billion for international security programs, $75.9 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and $123.9 million for other emergency appropriations.
Jun 15, 2005 Masoud Khan is sentenced in a Virginia courtroom to life for waging a “Holy War’ on USA. Accomplice S. Chapman given 85 yrs. (6 others receive 4-20 yrs.) An Australian held captive for 47 days is rescued by Iraqi troops.
Jun 16, 2005 MP Sgt Leigh Ann Hester receives the Silver Star, first female soldier since WW II to receive it; assigned to the 617th Kentucky National Guard. She and her squad dove head long into infilading fire in the nick of time to stop a band of 50 enemy, her actions March 20 in gallantry, killing 3 enemy who tried to ambush the 30 civilian tractor trailer truck convoy. Upon examination, some of the enemy were found to carry handcuffs, in the hope of capturing more Americans and possibly beheading them. Abu Talhaemir of Mosul, is arrested in Mosul, Iraq’s 3rd largest city; a top aide of Zarqawi.
Sgt Leigh Ann Hester

Jun 18, 2005 On this date sixty years ago, General Eisenhower had returned home from Europe and receives a hero's welcome: Four million New Yorkers cheer his ticker tape parade up Broadway.

Jun 22, 2005 Resistance on Okinawa ends on this date in 1945.
July 2, 2005 Complete capture of Okinawa in 1945: 31,500 Americans were wounded; 7,000 were killed; Navy sustained 10,000 casualties; [108,000 Japanese fought to the death.]
July 3, 2005 The Egyptian ambassador to Iraq, Ihab al-Sharif, is kidnapped by gunmen in Baghdad.
July 4, 2005 60th WW II Anniversary of Liberation of Luzon, Philippines, in 1945; Luzon Campaign is militarily declared ended despite pockets of die-hards; U.S. sustains 10,640 dead, 36,550 wounded; 190,000 Japanese fought to the death. The U.S. 94 Inf Div holds a big 4th of July parade in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.
July 7, 2005 Subway bombs explode in a rainy-London, detonated by cell phones; 52 innocent civilians killed and hundreds maimed. One terrorist commits suicide in a London bus.
July 21, 2005 Hand-activated bombs are discovered in London, but all four fail to detonate. Ali Billaroussi the top Algerian diplomat to Iran is kidnapped.
July 22, 2005 B-29’s from Iwo Jima begin mining the waters off Najin, Korea; overall 20th AF flies 18 total missions over Korea sixty years ago.
July 23, 2005 In West London, another bomb is discovered by the public, which also failed to detonate.
July 2005 Levar H. Washington, and Greg Patterson are arrested by Torrance, California, police for a string of gas station robberies. Detectives discovered in the apartment of L. Washington, bulletproof vests and plenty of Jihadist materials along with the addresses of the National Guard, the El Al Israel Airlines ticket counter at LAX and two synagogues. Twenty-five year old Washington is a convert to Islam.
Aug 6, 2005 Destruction of city of Hiroshima by one Atomic Bomb, sixty years ago.
Aug 9, 2005 Destruction of city of Nagasaki by one Atomic Bomb. Survivor Dr. Takashi Nagai, pioneering scientist and Christian convert who lost everything begins saving lives, sixty years ago.
Aug 11, 2005 Eight U.S. airmen are beheaded south of Tokyo 60 years ago.
Aug 12, 2005 60th Anniversary of USS Concord bombards Shasukotan; the last naval shots of the war. Japanese conduct air strikes on Okinawa; a torpedo damages the Pennsylvania; 20 Americans dead. Task Force 38 destroys 254 Japanese aircraft.

Aug 14, 2005 Japan accepts surrender terms. The 60th Anniversary V-J Day, special Anniversary celebrations worldwide.
Aug 15, 2005 60th WWII Anniversary of when Emperor Hirohito issues radio speech to surrender. Six Hellcats from the Yorktown are attacked over Tokyo’s Tokurozuna airfield; 9 Japanese airplanes are shot down but at a cost of 4 U.S. planes. Pfc Edward Mullins, 32nd Inf Div, is killed in the Cagayan Valley, Luzon, 45 minutes before the cease-fire takes effect. President Truman announces that the acceptance of unconditional surrender by Japan is official.

It takes effect at 0700 hours. Sixteen American airmen are hacked to death with samurai swords in a non-publicized orgy by Japanese officers near Fukuoka, 100 miles n. of Nagasaki. The remains were cremated and taken to Miyoko Temple. The officers were later prosecuted for war crimes. In Harbin, Manchuria, all horrendous evidence to a very secret medical compound named Unit 731 ‘the Japanese Auschwitz’ (where pow’s were used as medical experiments with glass jars of body parts and a six-foot jar containing a pow pickled in formaldehyde) ordered destroyed. Admiral M. Ugaki makes a suicide attack on U.S. forces off Okinawa and fails. Three American airmen are shot and two are beheaded in Osaka, Japan.
Aug 16, 2005 60th Anniversary of Emperor Hirohito dispatching his sons Prince Asaka, Prince Kanen and Prince Takeda across the Empire to establish a peaceful and succesful surrender. About 725,000 Japanese soldiers lay down their arms on the island of Kyushu. In Rabaul, over 100,000 Japanese surrender. In China and northern Indochina, 2,000,000 Japanese troops begin to do the same. Unit 731’s Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night scheduled for September 22 is called off. This operation planned to drop millions of fleas with the bubonic plague by submarine off the San Diego Coast.
Aug 17, 2005 Victory celebrations in San Francisco in 1945 turn into a drunken melee of looting, rioting and raping, over 3,000 MP and SP’s help restore order with the S.F. Police.
Aug 18, 2005 Aerial photographer Sgt Anthony Marchione, 20th A.F. is the last American killed in action when 14 Japanese fighters over Tokyo attack his reconnaisance unit 60 years ago.
Aug 19, 2005 60th Anniversary of final U.S. sea engagement: U.S. sink a Japanese junk off China.
Aug 22, 2005 The draft of the new Constitution is presented to the Iraqi Parliament.
Aug 27, 2005 Thirty Allied prisoners are executed by the Japanese at Ranau, Borneo 60 years ago. 60th Anniversary of Mission Pigeon. OSS team rescues some 350 Allied prisoners on Hainan; main portion of the pow missions was Aug 27-Sep 20 with 1,066 supply missions. Long dark nights of captivity over.

Giant captured Japanese submarine with a big secret door that allowed sub to hold seaplane.
Out of 132,400 Allied prisoners of war Japan once held, about 11,400 Americans would be liberated from prisons in Japan.
Aug 30, 2005 Worst hurricane in U.S. history barrels down the American Coast: Hurricane Katrina eventually tallies $40-60 billion in damage and kills 1,325; hit hard are New Orleans and the Gulf Coast States. Water temperature in the Gulf is in the 90’s. (below) Troopship Queen Mary returning home, 1945. Sixty years ago in August mankind first uses atomic weapons.

September 2, 1945 Tokyo Harbor.

Sep 2, 2005 The Second World War ended about 60 years ago for all officially; articles of surrender signing of peace was in Tokyo Harbor; many troops came home. Dirty-starved addicts go on rampage in New Orleans’ hospitals looting and searching for needles after Hurricane Katrina hits in September of 2005.
Sep 5, 2005 First refugees make it to Texas from Katrina-stricken state Louisiana.
Sep 7, 2005 Sunspot 798 an X-17 solar flare; blast caused a complete blackout of HF radio transmissions on the daylit side of Earth.
Sep 10, 2005 Azzan the Traitor reveals himself on al-Qaida videotape screaming “Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne”.
Sep 18, 2005 Houston is a ghost town. Hurricane Rita pounds Texas.
Sep 27, 2005 Abdullah Abu Azzam, al-Qaida’s number 2 leader in Iraq, is killed in a gunbattle in so. Baghdad; Abdullah, mastermind of a brutal escalation in suicide bombings since April, had a bounty of $50,000 on his head.
Oct 14, 2005 U.S. deficit equals $319 billion.
Oct 28, 2005 Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum gain 3rd qtr profits of $9.03 billion and $6.53 billion respectively, according to The Washington Post.
Nov 7, 2005 Peak of MASSIVE RIOTS IN FRANCE by the predominately Muslim immigrants anarchy erupted in October 2005 in the suburbs of Paris, Lyon, Lille. BBC reports out of 1200 arrested, only 30 were teens.
Nov 8, 2005 A tornado with winds over 200 mph rips through Indiana and Kentucky, 22 dead, over 200 injured.
December 2005 ExxonMobil, a company that produces 2.6 million barrels of oil a day and operates in nearly 40 countries on six continents, posts the largest annual profit in U.S. corporate history on its ledgers $36.13 billion; it took in a record-setting fourth quarter of $99.7 billion which was part of a year revenue amounting to a whopping $371 billion — equal to the total annual economic output of Argentina and Thailand, according to USA Today (1-31-06). A 5th Column sleeper cell is hatched by Narseal Batiste in Florida, and is put under FBI surveillance, later to be known as the Miami Seven. Iraqis vote to elect members of Iraqi Assembly. Aftermath of the atomic bombing, 1945 (below).

Also in 2005: One of the B2 Stealth Bomber designers Noshir Gowadia is charged with selling B2 secrets via email to Red China, including a U.S. cruise missile nozzle that locks onto U.S. air-to-air missiles. Philadelphian Michael C. Reynolds is arrested in Dec. before committing acts of sabotage; on July 13, 2007, was convicted of plotting to blowup trans-continental national gas pipeline, a Standard oil refinery in NJ, and the Williams Natural Gas refinery in Wy. Massive reorganization of the CIA. Alec Station, main CIA unit charged with capture of bin-Laden disbanded. Counterterrorist Center renamed Office of Terrorist Analysis. The first virus to attack cell phones and smart phones with PDAs built in. After surveillance by over 100 FBI agents and Los Angeles police detectives, it is learned that of the three people arrested in California, one was a quiet, mild mannered illegal alien from Pakistan and the other two were gas station robbers. Concerning L. Washington there appeared another trail that is now in the forefront of history. Washington was a former inmate of Folsom State Prison. State Rep. Jane Harman, senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, declared in a news conference on Monday, August 15, 2005–Folsom is a semi-secret haven for a convict-based group called The Assembly of Authentic Islam, known in arabic as Jamiyyat ui Islam Is Saheeh. They are virulently radical extremists. They are now being closely watched by the FBI; they have been around for several years. According to various news reports I monitored the week of August 16, the documents recovered from Washington’s apartment strongly suggest the men were planning an attack in California that could have unfolded in a matter of weeks. Shell Oil posts $25 billion profit. The 8th War Bond Drive, aka Victory, ended December 8, 1945, some sixty years ago, under the War Finance Committee sold a total of $185.7 billion of securities, an achievement unmatched since.

Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz.
Jan 2006 Al-Zarqawi launches his suicide phase plan on Shiite Muslims all over Iraq. U.S. Army raises the age limit for entrance into Active Duty to 40. Al-Qaida’s master bomb maker Abu Khabab al-Masri is killed by U.S. missile attack in Damadola while attending a master planning summit; eastern Pakistan. They finally get him. (Not be confused with another “Abu al-Masri”, the notorious Abu Ayyub al-Masri, who was wounded by Iraqi govt forces on Feb 15, 2007, who was mistakenly believed killed in Oct 2006, the head honcho of al-Qaida in Iraq who succeeded al-Zarqawi after June.) As of 2006, the war on terror has cost the U.S. about $507 billion.

Feb 6, 2006 Blizzard smacks U.S.
Feb 19, 2006 Batiste reveals, via an FBI informant, he and 5 others are going to attend an al-Qaida training camp in April for the purpose of waging jihad on America–and destroying the Sears Tower, his sleeper cell–5 are U.S. citizens–is later apprehended on June 23 before continuing.
Mar 16, 2006 The largest U.S.-Allied military assault since the start of war in 2003 is launched against targets near Samarra. Over a 2-week period, about 200 executed/tortured bodies are found in Baghdad.
Apr 27, 2006 Professor Assem Hammoud is arrested in Beirut, Lebanon, very important information is found in his laptop and his CD’s detailing how he was establishing a plan to destroy the PATH commuter system between NJ and Lower Manhattan. He and his saboteurs were to enter via Canada and operate at the end of the year.
Apr 29, 2006 Los Angeles Times reports that Parsons, a civilian company awarded multibillion dollar contracts for rebuilding Iraq's health and security infrastructure, will finish only 20 of 150 planned health clinics; Parsons has spent $60 million of the budgeted $186 million for its own management and administration.
Apr 30, 2006 On British ITV, former Sec. of State Colin Powell publicly comments that America did not have enough forces to impose order and that he had secretly made the case to Secretary of Def. Rumsfeld and to commander of U.S. forces in Iraq Gen. Franks that the U.S. lacked enough troops. Awesome cyclone torments Australia.
Apr 2006 A vital piece of information that surprises everyone is passed on to U.S. intelligence from GID, Jordanian intelligence service, the Sheik Abd-al Rahman is the go-between to al-Zarqawi (Not to be confused w/Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind leader in prison.) This sheik is also the religious advisor of said terrorist. Rahman is placed under 24-hour surveillance. Stuart Bowen, Jr, the Special Inspector General, is pursuing 72 investigations into corruption by firms involved in reconstruction of oil rich-Iraq. The office of Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction reports over 75% of oil and gas restoration projects are incomplete, as well as 50% of electrical and 40% of water and sanitation projects.
May 2006 Secret Task Force 77 is hot on the trail of al-Zarqawi. Much information is still classified, but every means of tracking the dirty rat was utilized including GPS vehicle tracking devices stuck onto vehicles. An RAF aircraft operating in northern Iraq (Nimrod) is able to monitor a Thuraya satellite phone call linked to Rahman. Special predator drones mark every step of Rahman.
Jun 2, 2006 The Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), Royal Canadian Mounties and police swoop down and arrest 17 Muslim Canadians, several of them under 18, in the Greater Toronto Area, including a nearby college town, Kingston, after a yearlong surveillance, nefarious plan to bomb Parliament buildings in Ottawa using ammonium nitrate was thwarted–these terrorists operated a terrorist camp in Washago.
Jun 7, 2006 Sheik Rahman is secretly trailed as he travels from Baghdad to Baqubah to Hibhib, a remote area 30 miles ne of Baghdad. Dozens of Green Berets, U.S. Rangers, Delta Force and the British SAS secretly surround Hibhib. Surveillance teams confirm Rahman and al-Zarqawi together. Sixty paratroopers from the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) and members of the highly secret “Arc” are also alerted. More Muslim terrorists begin arriving for Rahman’s secret war summit. Twice al-Zarqawi had escaped before. At 6:15 pm, Task Force 77 marks a point in destiny with a laser beam for an F-16. Seconds later, another 500-pounder guided by satellite strikes. 39-year old Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, dressed in black, the man responsible for some of the worst atrocities ever committed in Iraq and played out in camera, is consigned to history when the direct hits from the USAF F-16C jet hits him in Hibhib. The death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is complete.
Jun 8, 2006 Iraq Prime Minister Nouri Malik publicly announces during the last 24 hours, 24 military operations were conducted all over sprawling Baghdad. The propaganda of bin-Laden calls the death of al-Zarqawi a victory for martrys. Weapons, cell phones, and various computers, however, seized intact, including al-Zarqawi’s personal laptop. (CNN reported May 1 10 pm PST that the evil successor to al-Zarqawi an Abu Ayyub al-Masri was killed May 1, 2007 in the Thar Thar desert region.)
Abu Ayyub al-Masri
Jun 16, 2006 U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security releases to the public a specific nine operation report detailing names, places and ways terrorists were thwarted in their hideous attempts to kill from 2003-2006, including several targeted skyscrapers on Canary Wharf and London’s Heathrow Airport.
Jun 19, 2006 The capture of Jouri al-Saeedi, the second most wanted big shot in Iraq. His arrest and interrogation led to the successful arrest of 20 top al-Qaida pals, some of which refused to surrender and were killed. It is believed he told interrogators al-Qaida exchanges logistical support and info with still at large supporters of Saddam Hussein. He and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi were responsible for the civil war between Shiites and Sunnis. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announces termination of $99.1 million contract with Parsons, to build a prison; Parsons was more than two years behind schedule and was expected to go millions of dollars over budget.
Apr-Jun 2006 Profits by Exxon Mobil amount to $114,000,000 a day or $80,000 per minute. ABC also reports that in 30 seconds Exxon Mobil makes what an average American family makes in 1 entire year. Total profits for Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum, Chevron and Shell exceed 2 and 1/2 times the avg profit of America’s biggest companies.
Jun 26, 2006 Extensive flooding in Washington D.C., PA, NC, NY, and Maryland.
July 7, 2006 The FBI makes a press statement that “principal players” of a plot had been taken into custody, a plot set for Oct-Nov against the transportation system near the Hudson R, NY, led by an economics professor Assem Hammoud of the 7/7 London attacks; British politicians try to down play any al-Qaida connection; the down play was a continuation of an official report written by ministers of Parliament that announced “no connection to al-Qaida,” but 10 months later on July 6, 2006, another tape surfaces where Ayman al-Zawahiri praises the London bombing and takes credit for his “grooming”; Tanweer screams this is only the beginning; it cannot be denied, al-Qaida has made contact with a group of Britains and convinced them to kill other British.
July 11, 2006 Multibillion-dollar deal with military contractor Halliburton, which has provided logistical support to the military in Iraq and elsewhere, is announced terminated by U.S. Army.
July 12, 2006 America conducts a test with the new THAAD missile defense: a Hera rocket intercepted, destroyed in high altitude atmosphere. THAAD is designed to destroy an incoming missile during its last minute of flight–another novelty is that the Army Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) is highly mobile.
July 14, 2006 The average Jan-Jun temperature for the contiguous U.S. was 51.8 deg F, or 3.4 deg F higher than the 1901-2000 average, declares NOAA.
July 19, 2006 Crazy weather in Midwest, over 300,000 folks w/o power, trees downed all over the place. Lightning is almost constant. The skies were seen by eyewitnesses to be painted in a strange green. Yes, actually green. The utility companies reported that this was one of the most damaging storm systems that had ever hit the St. Louis Metro area. Heat wave in London: city of London broke a 1911 record when it reached a diabolical heat-searing 97.34 F (36.3C). Inside the non-air-conditioned underground subway system, the Weather Channel reported it was more like 117 deg inside London’s Tubes. The people in Saint Louis and its suburbs felt the breath from Hell. The intense storm rocked the Saint Louis area with historic proportion; hot and humid. Nightfall over 400,000 households were without power. [90,000 homes in the city of St Louis were still without power 7pm, July 20.] The National Guard on Thursday began helping people into temporary air-conditioned shelters. The disturbance began organizing north of St Louis around 6 pm. The band of storm cells drove into St Louis around 7:45 pm. winds as strong as 92 mph. They pummeled the city very quickly and quite suddenly. In one place people saw a tornado. However, in many other areas there was no sign of any funnel cloud....only straight lined winds. Powerful. Scary. Abnormal; never been seen in the history of magnificent St Louis. Bands of the storm cells then moved East, toward NY. The baseball game between the St Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves was postponed for 2 hours and 12 minutes because of the violence of the storm. Right after the national anthem, darkish clouds descended over the ballpark. Dust swirled 20 feet in the air. The winds pulsated stronger and stronger. People screamed as they tried to take some shelters. The delirious winds blew out press box windows, and turned concession stands topsy turvey. Five baseball fans were taken to hospitals, one with a dislocated hip. The Cards won 8-3. According to CBS Radio, there was one fatality “due to the heat wave.” There were numerous broken hearts and trees and cars.
July 31, 2006 Two suitcase bombs are left on 2 trains in Cologne, Germany, by 2 Muslims. One train headed for Hamm, the other to Koblenz. Train authorities think they are lost baggage and are placed in the lost and found offices in the train stations of Dortmund and Koblenz. Later (exact time not known as of this writing) the suitcases on wheels are examined and discovered they have 23 g bombs that had been set to go off using a green electric alarm clock at 2:30 pm, about 10 minutes before packed trains were to arrive in Dortmund and Koblenz, three weeks after the World Cup soccer championship. Why the bombs did not go off is a mystery. Dozens of train, bus depots, airports and seaports are put under surveillance and all videotapes in train stations examined for leads. Nothing is made public.
July 2006 Azzan the American Traitor squeals loudly for U.S. troops to defect + join Allah.
Aug 10, 2006 Two Big terrorism news items hit the international scene big time: From London a plot by10 British Muslims to blow 10 American airliners out of the air as they would fly overseas bound for New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco is stopped, and two 20-year old Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, apprehended with airline passenger lists and phony IDs.
Aug 16, 2006 New York Times article by correspondents Michael R. Gordon, Mark Mazzetti and Thom Shanker advances very important reports and somber news on the number of murders and attacks that ensued in Iraq in July, namely the level of killing has grown dramatically along with the calibration required to make the enemy network work; bomb maker, financiers, operatives to dig and plant bombs in the road, lookouts, (the IED’s continue to be the #1 killer of troops and civilians–at least 2,625 IED’s were planted in July, 959 were found and cleared before they went off but 1,666 went off, a notorious peak–10% struck civilians, 20% Iraqi security forces and 70% targeted American and British forces.)
Aug 18, 2006 German authorities issue public announcement about the July 31 train bombings and make an appeal to all Germans to help identify the suspects. CCTV surveillance video is released on all the news stations and was also shown on the internet.
Aug 19, 2006 The arrest of one of the suspects takes place: 22-year old Youssef Mohamed from Lebanon is apprehended at the main rail station of the north German Baltic Sea port city of Kiel. A 50,000 Euro reward was offered (about $64,000) for more information about the failed bombing, and posters went up all over the place in an appeal to the public for help.
Aug 22, 2006 Involuntary recall publicly announced by Col. Guy Stratton involving up to 2,500 reserves at any one time over the next months; the Marine Corps’ first involuntary recall on the Ready Reserve since 2003.
Aug 24, 2006 The accomplice of Youssef and the German bombs “surrenders” to police in Lebanon and is imprisoned. NATO troops take over in Southern Afghanistan this month.
Aug 31, 2006 CBS anchorman Bob Schieffer retires. CBS News-NY Times Poll: Is Iraq part of war on terror? Yes-44% No-51%. There are 140,000 U.S. troops in Iraq.
Sep 1, 2006 Restaurant The Bridge to China Town, London, becomes famous as a center for meetings to recruit and build al-Qaeda cells in the UK after an anti-terrorist raid is conducted at 10 pm--after the movements and actions of arrestees had been monitored secretly for months by Spanish and British MI5 and MI6.
Sep 3, 2006 Major (ret.) Ed Dames on Coast To Coast AM makes prediction: North Korea detonates a nuclear explosion on the Korean peninsula.
Sep 5, 2006 On the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric announces 21,000 U.S. troops still in Afghanistan launch new offensive to stem resurgence; as many as 60 Taliban killed today.
Sep 11, 2006 Azzan the American Traitor squeals the United States is “enemy soil” and is pictured with al-Qaida Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the second-in-command of all al-Qaida.
Sep 16, 2006 On ABC Nightline Condoleeza Rice, in an interview said one of the reasons Pres. Bush went to war against Saddam was because he posed a threat in “a region from which the 9/11 threat emerged.” But, she insisted, “We have never claimed that Saddam Hussein had either direction or control of 9/11.”
Sep 17, 2006 In a news conference about 9-11, Pres. Bush candidly states the attacks on September 11 were never ordered by Iraq, after the question arose from Cox News correspondent Ken Herman.
Oct 9, 2006 CNN International reports North Korea conducted a nuclear detonation.
Oct 12, 2006 Masked Islamic gunmen attack the Baghdad offices of satellite TV channel Al-Shaabiya and execute 11 people; 3 are journalists.
Oct 20, 2006 Large-scale revolt in Samarra; the so-called “Mahdi Army” brings city to a standstill.
October 2006 A shocking poll founded and funded by veterans (VoteVets.org) is released: 35% of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans who have come back said their Humvees and trucks were not up-armored when they arrived in-country; 53% of Afghanistan and Iraq vets state they did not always know who the enemy was on the battlefield; 63% of Afghanistan and Iraq vets conclude the U.S. Army and Marine Corps are overextended at this time. NATO Gen. David Richards states we got 6 months before loosing support in Afghanistan. The National Australian Bank holds on despite an intense internet attack by terrorists that tried jamming big-time NAB’s connection to the Web to slow or stop bank’s online service. Scotland Yard issues urgent warning that Great Britain is under a mass attack by terrorist hackers, virus code “backdoor.” Backdoor targets credit card numbers, passwords, financial data and email addresses.
Nov 3, 2006 Editorials in the Army Times, Air Force Times, Navy Times and Marine Corps Times publicly calling for the removal of Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld are released to NBC. It is revealed in the New York Times. Pres. Bush in October signed a military authorization bill that included a clause that will terminate the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction on Oct. 1, 2007; said clause was inserted by the head of the House Armed Services Committee, Duncan Hunter of California.
Nov 8, 2006 Donald Rumsfeld resigns as Secretary of Defense; Robert Gates named as successor.
Nov 12, 2006 About 150 people are abducted from a government institute in Baghdad by Muslim terrorists, the largest “mass abduction” of people since the days of Saddam Hussein.
Nov 27, 2006 MSNBC & NBC becomes 1st television networks to adopt term “Civil War” in Iraq.
end of Nov 06 Another not-so-well known plot is thwarted to blow up an airliner in a German airport using luggage explosives; countless apartments of the Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse regions are searched; German government refused to supply any information other than an airport employee of an “unidentified” airport was involved. Vice president Steve Previs at Jefferies International Ltd., a prominent investment firm in London, stated on CNBC, governments must replace the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar and the Mexican peso by a new currency called the amero and that is coming in the future; but it is believed the U.S. dollar must first fall like a rock.
Dec 7, 2006 An amazing tornado rips through northwest London.

Dec 8-13, 2006 Mysterious deaths of 2,500 mallard ducks near Oakley, Idaho.
Dec 11-19, 2006 The important Gulf Stream fails temporarily in the Atlantic.
Dec 29, 2006 Texas is hit by tornadoes.
Dec 30, 2006 Former dictator Saddam Hussein is hanged. Albuquerque is hit with 15 in. of snow.
Also in 2006: Oil Exxon Mobile posts $39.5 Billion profit (in 2007 they made $40.61 Billion in oil profits, or $1,300 per second.) Nearly $37 billion, appropriated by Congress for Iraqi reconstruction, has been spent. U.S. National Debt in 2006 rises to $4.6 trillion. The FBI helps Georgian security services capture Oleg Khiltsagov trying to sell 100 grams of weapons-grade uranium for over $1 million; black marketer was sentenced to 8 years in prison in June. Age limit is raised to 42 in both U.S. Army Active Duty and Army Reserve, as of June. Royal Dutch Shell, led by Chief Executive Jeroen van der Veer, Europe’s largest oil company, earns record annual profit of $25.36 billion. Four international journalists died in Iraq as result of combat or crossfire; another 28 were murdered by Islamic insurgents (Summer 2007: 3,600 U.S. dead in Iraq, 160 Britons, 33 Italians, 18 Ukrainians; and at least 26,950 U.S. troops have been wounded in action in Iraq; 414 U.S. dead in Afghanistan. On July 1, 2009, main U.S. troops pulled out of every city and town in Iraq proper. Incidentally, by May 2010, a score of evil leaders in Iraq--men such as Abu Khalafal, al Qaeda's in Iraq's most senior foreign fighter facilitator, Abu Na'im al Afri, former northern "economic security" emir (or leader) who was killed, Khalid Muhammad Hasan Shallub al Juburi, al Qaeda in Iraq's wali--were put out of action by Government of Iraq intelligence services and security forces of the U.S. These forces also captured the terror group's administrative emir, the adviser to the sharia emir, and the detainee affairs emir. According to Foreign Policy magazine, 2,000 “suspects” and enemy agents have been killed by drones since November 2001. The remote-controlled drones send their data via a satellite to a base, from where it is forwarded through fiber-optic cables to the United States. It is dubbed the distributed ground system (DGS). The DGS is the “central nervous system” of US drone interventions.; it apears five of these US Air Force installations globally are permanently in operation. Three are located in the United States, one in South Korea, and another, DSG 4, has been in Ramstein, Germany since 2003. Only selected soldiers have access to this high security area. What part is the drone war crucial in the battle against terrorists? That is for future historians to decide. As of Sep 8, 2009, 4,326 U.S. dead in Iraq; 804 U.S. dead in Afghanistan.)

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