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This section of our website is predicated on contemporary history, with details of events and places that can blossom to an eye opening experience.

This area explores three themes: religion, science and the supernatural, set in alphabetic order.
The opening section is laden with transcriptions on medieval manuscripts–that are neither lore or fabled misconceptions. The news also involves the future, as does the story of Fatima, which is part of our assembled information. 2017 marks the hundredth anniversary.

One transcription centers on a pope of a solar eclipse that is amazing. Is it possible a 700 year old prophecy is true?
Let us dispense with the what-ifs.

The last hours glistened on April 8, 2005 before being overtaken by the dark shadow of an eclipse, as seen by the actual photograph on that day (above).
What do you remember about 2005? How about Valentine’s Day of 2005? That was just 1 1/2 months after the Indonesian disaster of 2004, when the powerful 9.1 quake and tsunami struck, and when the U.S. quickly sent the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and 11 other large naval warships AND C-130 Seahawks and C-2 Greyhound transport planes to assist people but, let us not digress from our story.
It is traced to 1140. The synchronicity is that the person from the 1140s named the immediate popes before the pope of the solar eclipse and he is dead accurate, however, he never named the year, only those who would come before and after. He also signalled big changes in the Roman Catholic Church. You may chooose not to believe the person who said it, but it does not absolve his accuracy, especially since the 1960s. He wrote a medieval list of 112, some say 111, short Latin phrases from his time to our time. The name is Saint Malachy of Ireland. There are numerous sites detailing his signature.

Nothing has changed to destroy what he had pinpointed.
The Pope he mentioned actually died in 2005. When he was born, Earth passed through a solar eclipse, too. Another night, another day goes by, so what, right?
Wrong. When John Paul II, who was the pope of 2005, was entombed, an ominous timing elapsed on the Earth. A solar eclipse happened. The solar eclipse by itself is not unique, but what is unique is that he called it and according to him, after St. John Paul II, Malachy only puts in two other names, and then he names no other. Chief concern: What happens next? The answer can be read in the history ebook, Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.

Getting back to our solar eclipse, he is not 80 or 90% correct the last 60 years, but 100%, yet of all the popes in the history of the papacy, there has been only one–let me repeat–only one pope associated with a solar eclipse. What timing.
Rest assured, there is more than meets the eye, and you can read about it in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets. One must, however, be prudent and not go after willy-nily entries of fabricated stories, for there exist many, many who don’t wish you to learn the secrets of history. Certain sources, for example, cite that he was to be interred on a different day but some in the Vatican changed it to April 8 as it enabled a timeframe when the world would be found facing an eclipse. That can be a stretch, but St. Malachy earns his name in our contemporary world upon the birth of John Paul II on May 18, 1920–that is not invented–during an eclipse and designated by Malachy–nearly 8 centuries before–to become Pope–and that too was not invented, for it actually happened. You can’t have a closer association than that.
It is eerie, but like it or not, it is true. The above are only footprints to what lies ahead and are examined in the history ebook, Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets. But, how could a man born eight and a half centuries ago be that strangely accurate? What timing

An 85-year old Pope Benedict XVI stepped down on Feb 28; as was announced the morning of Monday Feb 11, 2013. early ABC report.
A sign on the day of abdication? English or spanish.

The prophecy.

According to St Malachy, when the pope that follows Benedict XVI ends his term, the list of popes abruptly ends, too
The prophecies of St Malachy are being known, moreso now than at any other time, because of the timing of Benedict’s resignation. What shall we look for?

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New records? Ghastly scenes of repetitions? Or, mere coincidences?

Dateline July 19, 2006: The people in the beautiful city of Saint Louis and its suburbs felt the breath from Hell. An intense storm rocked the Saint Louis area with historic proportion. It was hot and humid. Not even a volt of electricity for a fan. The following video sums up the storms of July 19 well, “No electricity. Office closed.” They learned how miserable life can be. Look at the trees, the people, the poor cars. It was phenomenal.

From July 19th, a cool slide presentation w/music; sometimes, we need a guitar to help reinforce things. [Sounds better w/headphones.]
Nightfall of July 19, over 400,000 households were without power. [90,000 homes in the city of St. Louis were still without power 7pm, July 20.] The National Guard on Thursday began helping people into temporary air-conditioned shelters. In effect, the disturbance began organizing north of St. Louis around 6 pm.
The band of storm cells drove into St. Louis around 7:45 pm. The skies were seen by eyewitnesses to be painted in a strange green. It pummeled the city very quickly and quite suddenly. In one place people saw a tornado. However, in many other areas there was no sign of any funnel cloud....only straight lined winds. Powerful. Scary. Descriptive. Abnormal; in fact, it had never been seen in the history of magnificent St. Louis. Bands of the storm cells then moved East, and created more havoc. Some climatologists blame it on El Niño. We were in an El Niño year. But is that the real answer?

As I was researching the climate I ran into TRV. I know scores of people who thought TRV was a bunch of baloney, until they encountered strange winds. The peculiar technique of TRV appears to be a technique of: accomplishing to tell people what can happen before an event would happen. Years ago, and numerous times, Major Dames on Coast To Coast AM spoke of wild, rapacious winds to come down on deck, with the strength of a tornado or hurricane but not from a tornado or hurricane. He warned to be on our guard against a mal-behaving jet stream, too. As the propensity of maniacal winds envelope us more, we cannot deny his words of warning. It is all chronicled in this historical book. Moreover, you will find fascinating reports not normally told elsewhere by Art Bell/George Noory, Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter Linda M. Howe and the mainstream media.

On The Fox Report With Shepard Smith did show a tiny clip on Saint Louis. I waited for mainstream news to mention the disturbance July 20. Neither the CBS Evening News with Bob Shieffer or ABC World News with Charles Gibson had a single word. Although ABC did have a cool report about 3-D Hollywood movies, I was extremely disappointed. But, my patience paid off. I saw a good 18 second clip on the NBC Nightly News.
The baseball game between the St Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves was postponed for 2 hours and 12 minutes because of the violence of the storm. Chris shot this small remarkable clip after people hustled for safety: baseball storm
July 19th. I thank the Lord nobody was killed in the stadium, but according to CBS Radio, there was one fatality “due to the heat wave.” There were numerous broken hearts and trees.
Right after the national anthem, darkish clouds descended over the ballpark. Dust swirled 20 feet in the air. The winds pulsated stronger and stronger. People screamed as they tried to take some shelters. The delirious winds blew out press box windows, and turned concession stands topsy-turvey. Five baseball fans were taken to hospitals, one with a dislocated hip. It did energize the Cards, for an 8-3 victory over the Braves.

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