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The information herein spans 9 decades

To fundamental Christians and non-fundamental Christians, Jesus of Nazareth is seen as Jesus Christ, Savior and Son of God. His mother is Mary. The story of Fatima is related to His mother Mary. She transcends every custom, race, creed, color and culture.
The story of Fatima contains some pretty peculiar and unfathomable aspects, including a real event that was witnessed by over 70,000 people, a multitude greater than what can squeeze into a basketball size auditorium, including the Staple Center of the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers or any other pro-ball club.

For a majority of Roman Catholics, the Mother of Jesus Christ holds special powers of divinity, due to the fact that She is, many believe, above all earthly mothers, because She is the only mother of Jesus Christ. This does not take away from the belief in the Holy Trinity, inherently God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Keep in mind, all things connected with Fatima are not to show veneration to Blessed Mary above God---If one thinks that, one is intellectually missing the entire point. You will see chronicled some extraordinary stories in Alert: For The Times.

Nor is it a demonstration of old, past outmoded positions! Since when does God’s love and His Mother’s love for us, become outmoded? To fundamental Catholics, Mary can be prayed to for assistance and intercession to God. She is also known in Catholicism as the Blessed Mother, Most Holy Virgin, Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes–all one in the same to Catholics.
Many fundamental Christians do not ascribe that Mary can be titled Mary Most Holy Virgin, MHV. Like a spinning Dutch windmill, for as long as one can remember, neither side can be convinced that the other side is right. But, let us discern the debate of a lady with numerous titles. As I am no reverend, lacking the education of ministry that all preachers must learn, I would be remiss to write a report on the Lady with numerous titles; there has been at least 700 apparitions of Mary in the last century, beginning in 1900–only 8 have been approved by the Catholic Church in terms of a supernatural explanation; one is Fatima y el tercer secreto de Fatima.

However, there was an important episode dating back to 1917 that was witnessed by non-Catholics, agnostics, atheists, die-hard Protestants and Catholics, that is undeniable in history. That is the fulcrum of my study and how it interrelates to our contemporary history.

Our Real Earth as it looked in 2001
The above photograph is real. The aurora photographs included in this section are part of history. These photographs, shot over quite a distance and just a few that were taken by many people, show a rare display in the heavens, March 30/31, 2001, the night the skies were painted. Notwithstanding, not one photo is retouched in Photoshop. If you lived in cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, your skies were not clear; that was unfortunate for you. The second photo was taken in New Zealand, taken by Professor Petrich, an eyewitness who remembers it well.

What you are about to read is astonishing and disturbing.

This is not imagination. It is serious. This is the first time it is all made public, and it is unique.
Not so many years ago, I discovered the words of a very learned man: theologian, multi-linguist, archeologist, exorcist, and author, one revered and respected by both Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Not every day do you meet such a man.
His teachings were not accepted by everyone, but he helped everybody understand the story of Fatima, and how it was an actual event. His name is Rev. Malachi Martin. Rev. Martin led a remarkable life, being a man of the cloth for over 50 years and encompassing the turbulent wave of change that flowed from the 1960s.

Bishop da Silva seen in color.

His Catholic Church was swept by fundamental change in that decade. Since I am not here to promote the history of Catholicism, I won’t go into that; you have other authors for that.
Yet, within that change began a slow about-face on the story of Fatima.

By the time you get to 2000, both the head of the Congregation of the Faith and the Secretary of State–two head honchos of the Catholic Church, if not the most powerful and influential persons in Rome after the Pope–issued a writing that Fatima belongs to the last century, and made a testament to the world by naming only one Catholic reverend in their summation of Fatima in 2000–he, of all things, was a man who called Fatima an imaginative invention in the minds of the three seers who originally saw it in 1917. No other man of the cloth is mentioned in their special proclamation of 2000.
But, Malachi Martin, who had died July, 1999, and who was given the rarest of opportunities to become intimately involved with Fatima, never took such a road, which brings up the question of how important is this story of Fatima?
The origin is covered in detail in my book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets. Forewarnings in this book come from both the real scientists, and, from the nonscientific world of Fr Malachi Martin, Conchita Gonzalez, Father Andrew Wingate, and Major Ed Dames and his past world of military intelligence. . .futurists relatively known, but until now, never before revealed together in one book.
For the record, Alert: For The Times is not a quasi-religious book, nor do we advance one faith over another. Nor, does the author wish to make this a doomsday book. Mr. Valentine decided to augment the facts with profound messages about the rapidly changing global environment, covering history, science, and predictions, including Fatima and the Third Secret.

#1 Fatima occurred a very long time ago, before many of you were born.

#2 It is the story of a series of apparitions, the first one occurring on May 13, 1917.

#3 The most important said event took place as the last apparition on Oct 13, 1917.

#4 It involved an event witnessed by over 70,000 human beings of various faiths and beliefs, scientists and nonscientists, conservatives and liberal thinkers, religious and anti-religious, and after it happened was so great and scary, every newspaper reporter who covered the event felt compelled to write about it, be they Catholic or not, including the London Times.

It had rained the entire night and morning, but when it was over on that October 13th, the people who were there had no logical earthly scientific explanation why everything was dry.
According to eyewitness Lucia dos Santos, the Blessed Mother outstretched her hand upward, and the Sun danced. When it was over, everybody’s clothes were dry, your shoes and shoelaces, dresses, caps and capes, every leaf and blade of grass was dry. The mud was gone. Everything was dry as if by magic. If you want to get really religious, a Rev. Joseph de St. Marie said it is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. ie. it is an apocalyptic sign. The event---as a student of history---cannot be denied and reinforces it was a dramatic historical event of profoundness. Why did it happen, we are left with the question?
It was as if someone was trying to tell us something that a profound event of miraculous origin had to be shown to make sure there would be no mistake that it did not occur. To prevent future historians from saying it could not and did not happen.

So what is it’s significance?

Part of the message involves a spreading of evil, a semi-nocturnal combat filled with explosive time-delays and booby-traps, it is the old gig of the combat scenarios between the forces of good and evil, except, that to loose means it turns into a real individual thing, it is not a happening of a far-away lullaby land from the voice of an ancient.
It is one as real as that human occurrence of October 13, 1917.
If you loose, you cut your soul from God, forever. It is as they say an eternal damnation.
From the time of its inception to its finality, the Miracle of the Sun, that power which came from God, in less than 12 minutes was over.

But, the semi-nocturnal combat is still going on. That it occurred is undeniable, and it has more to do with whether you call Mary the Blessed Mother or not.
It goes beyond mere mortal beliefs, for even the anticlerical atheist reporters who were there and witnessed it first-hand called it beyond the laws of nature.
#5 From that year onward, the entire world has heard the term the Third Secret of Fatima. As time passes, however, it is gradually filtering into oblivion, particularly with the young.

Have you ever taken a trip by sea? Life at sea is very different from life in a big city or a farm. When at sea, you always have a lookout. That can come in the guise of a person or something electronic, like radar. Moreover, no captain worth his salt would ever set sail without posting lookouts and without lifeboats or lifejackets.
One of the reasons I am relating all this to you is because of this concept: the apparition of Fatima, which as I stated before occurred Oct. 13, 1917, and was witnessed by both Catholic and non-Catholic alike, is above all other post-Biblical apparitions because of the grandeur of the Miracle of the Sun. [Read my book if you don’t know what that is.] The great Nostradamus is mentioned because he purveys the noctographic world of the papacy and the Catholic Church, in addition to climate. One thing about this great French seer: he named Hitler as the Second antiChrist. [There are parts in the new ebook with rare photographs from the 1930s never revealed in English, rare documents from the Nazi German era. They have been reproduced for readers who purchase the book, and form a beautiful addition for anyone who likes history. These photographs are in rare color.]

It is not just a tapestry of words that fill in detail to a “vision.’

Art Bell and Fatima
It so happens that the same year the vision module was released, in 2000, Art Bell mentioned briefly what Fr Martin told him, about certain secrets about the Vatican that he was cautioned not to reveal on the radio. He added on April 12, 2000, on Coast To Coast AM the following: “That little thing I related to you about Father Malachi Martin telling me that if I were to release what I had (about Fatima and evil within the walls of the Vatican) it would get me killed; get him killed.
And, a lot more would come down. I wasn’t satisfied with having him tell me that. I got my boss on the phone with him. And, he told my boss the same thing. And, my boss said, ‘Well, if it was up to me, I’d sit on it:’” And, he never again talked about it on radio.

The story of a David Booth is also presented in detail in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.
On February 23, 2004, David Booth appears on the radio with Wayne Green. That was their first appearance on the program Coast To Coast AM, with George Noory conducting the interview. The notoriety of Mr. Booth is that in this same month, he first took to the airwaves on the Jeff Rense program announcing and detailing two dream/visions that he had experienced–the first happening 23 years earlier. Both involved something that was going to happen.
His first involved the crash of an American airliner on a runway in some airport. Each dream/vision is repeated ten times, before it goes away. The first took place in 1979 whereupon he went to the FAA to report it. At that time air authorities took it seriously. Mr. Booth remains the only person to have ever had a precognitive dream fully documented by a government agency prior to it happening. The “it” is the crash on May 25, 1979, where hundreds of passengers met their demise. He had been logged by the FAA.
On the day after David had his new vision in 2003, Wayne Green shows up to the farm owned by David and little by little he reveals the whole dream to Wayne. David is looking down at the planet Earth, from the perspective of out in space. The moon is to the right.
David sees some planetary object coming from underneath the Earth approaching from the southern hemisphere. It catches his vision as it moves up across the face of the planet from the South Polar region. It is large and darkish. He can see North America. In the north west part of the North American continent, David sees a tremendous explosion of gray and black ash-type dirt rising into the atmosphere. Note, he never said he saw an impact. David can see orange and red down through the black. Then, he sees what appears a ripple race across the planet. It is March of 2003 when David had this vision.
It had only been just 15 days earlier that Maj. Dames was on an Art Bell radio show mentioning about some stellar object that is out there and getting closer, an object “spherical, it does not have a tail, it is brownish, purplish, pretty big.” Since 1996, Maj. Dames has been speaking of dangers from outer space; see my book with details that will amaze you. Curiously, their paths crossed in 2005 when they were linked by long-distance telephone on the program Feet To The Fire. Neither Dames or Booth have ever met face to face. First time Dames confirmed Booth’s vision. Never done before... Never done since.

Even though the Fatima vision module was released, #1, only one part of the two, was. #2 The part released in 2000 is certainly a “vision”, but not told in the words of the Lady.
That which was released was released only as a description of a dream-vision.
It is missing the form and content of what she spoke.
I think it is always a good idea to have a lookout of some sort to keep an eye for unknown things approaching. One such person is Rev. Martin. He foretold of what lay ahead, involving life on this earth, the priesthood and the Catholic religion, signs in the sky, and two words that start with an a. Antichrist and apostasy. Another man connected to Fatima, comes from a totally different area, a man named Maj. Ed Dames, a Catholic. I know many of you do not know who Maj. Dames is nor what he said about the 3rd Secret of Fatima, North Korea in 1998, strong powerful winds, and a lurking planetary object. People who never heard of Coast To Coast AM have no idea. Maj. Dames? Fatima? Malachi Martin? David Booth? Art Bell? Catholicism? An anti-christ...?

During WW II, historians sometimes had to work with military intelligence/code-breaking. During the course of my intense research involving Fatima, I had to quietly track stories that seemed unrelated and secretive.

For decades, concerning Fatima: A) People worldwide in connection with that apparition of mysterious powers and origin have heard that 3 secrets were given by the Lady. She had appeared to 3 children and gave them 3 secrets, one of which involved the appearance of strange lights that were to be seen before “another” great war. Needless to say, that great war was the Second World War. B) The lights appeared in 1938, about one and a half years before the start of WW II.
Do you worry that history can be repeated and that it could be repeated in your neck of the woods? [Unless we want to worry ourselves to death, that should not be the case.]

Incidentally, please paste these 3 historical years inside your head. The eclipse of August 11, 1999. A solar disturbance of March 2001 which formed a leading candidate for another appearance of unusual lights before another world war was prophesied; it brought unprecedented solar displays that went beyond normal displays. And, the sacrilegious date of May 5, 2004, when the worship of pagan gods in the famous Fatima Shrine in Portugal was shown allowing the Fatima Shrine to be desecrated.
They are time markers.
[They are described in my book in detail.]

Most of us grew up in a time when people believed a climate change could take place over a long period of time, with ideas reflecting Earth’s changes over millions or thousands of years. But, we are now witnessing a change of climate, and not necessarily only weather, wherever we may live, that disrupts the familiar cycles we have come to know.

This is For you

In early May of 2017,

over half a million people saw Jacinto and Francisco Marto canonized.

About 1000 years ago, many awaited the “Second Coming” or the end of the world; it never materialized.
The story of Fatima is not connected to the year AD 1000. It is not connected to the end of the world scenario where everybody dies, unconnected to the Grand Inquisition, to witches, burning at the stake, Protestant Reformation or the Crusades.

It is, according to Rev. Martin, connected to the demise of the Roman Catholic Church, novel signs in the sky, terrible punishment unlike things we have ever seen, and the auspicious rise of the Antichrist.
The latter concept is not new.

In a private letter from Nostradamus to Henri II, dated June 27, 1558, it was written when this anti-christ would appear, envisioned to arrive when “an eclipse of the Sun, more obscure and tenebrose than has ever been seen since the creation of the world, except the eclipse after the death and passion of Jesus Christ” occurs.
It is remarkable but, the eclipse of August 11, 1999, fits that description perfectly. He also wrote that just prior to the 3rd Antichrist’s arrival, there shall be someone from the “50th degree (of latitude) who will renovate the entire Christian Church.” Only two popes have hailed from the 50th deg, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger.

Hitler and Napoleon lived as terrible Antichrists in the world, among other lesser ones. An axiom of the 3rd Antichrist is his hatred and loathe for Christianity. And unless you are blind, the Catholic Church, as led by Rome, has been dwindling in most industrialized so-called advanced countries in terms of priests, nuns, the practice of Sunday worship and the faith.
It stings, to some, to recite the following:

in 1965, there were 126,000 adult baptisms; in 2002 it plummeted to 80,000. The Franciscan Order had 2,251 seminarians in 1965; in 2000, only 60.
There were 10,503 parochial schools in America in 1965 with about 4.5 million students---in 2002, the numbers were 6,623 and 1.9 million, respectively.
In 1958, about 74% of Catholics in the U.S. attended Sunday mass---now, it is maybe 25%.
In 1975, three years before John Paul II became Pope, there existed 58,909 priests in America. In 2000, it dropped to 45,713 even though the population has skyrocket. Quietly, the number of Catholic sisters have shrunken in like fashion. Once, there were 180,000 sisters in Catholic parochial schools in 1965 (backbone of education and health systems.) It fell to 103,269 in 1990, and down to 75,000 in 2002, with an average age of 68.
The Catholic Times of London heralded on March 5, 2000, that the little seed which Pope John XXIII planted under the auspices of the Second Vatican Council has become a “tree which has spread its majestic and mighty branches over the vineyard of the Lord.” Has the Catholic Church really become that majestic since 1965? On top of that, many so-called Catholics know next to nothing about the complete story of Fatima and the miracle of the Sun. SO many people do not see its relevance.
To use the words of the Marian scholar and holy person Mother Mary Angelica, the messages of Our Lady of Fatima are very definite. Three secrets were imparted in 1917, and a miracle occurred in which the Sun made brisk movements, whirled, and dried the rain-soaked multitudes of above 70,000 in number. Atheists and Christian alike were eyewitnesses.
The Blessed Lady revealed the reason for this perturbation. The reason was that humanity had to change its ways. It was more than mere awareness of good vs. evil.

The first two secrets involved a vision of hell and the coming of an all-pervasive terrible world war, aka WW II.
The third part lies ahead. What this Third Part is there is no specific, single answer, but it seems Heaven has arranged a series of lookouts.
On various occasions, Dames has talked about an outside planetoid that passes by Earth. Amazingly, he went on the air on the program Feet To The Fire, hosted by James Arthur Jancik, on December 18, 2005, and just before the final segment of the interview ended, he carefully announced among the creatures of the night a magnificent interpretation of the Fatima Secret. It was something he had never said publicly before.
Basically, it is a hidden revelation of deep concern which he had never said before anywhere in the whole world. It involved a remote viewing project independent of Sister Lucia, undertaken many years before he had ever heard of David Booth, George Noory, or Garabandal. To believe it, may even intrude on your beliefs. Whatever various predispositions you may have about the apparition of Fatima, we ask that you keep an open mind.
Dames went on record, and stated the Third Secret of Fatima “deals with this passing space body...that grazes earth’s atmosphere and it causes a cataclysm. And, the results of that are the deaths of very many human beings, period.”

He had never revealed this before in any of the years he had appeared on Coast To Coast AM AND, NEVER DONE SINCE. Perhaps, it was a slip of the tongue, but it is chilling.
Today, there is a shrine at Fatima, which is in Portugal. A stone’s throw away is the austere carmelite convent of Sister Lucia, at Coimbra. They say when terrible chastisements happen, Fatima will be protected, so too Garabandal. The Fatima Shrine is a place of prayer and a center of world devotion. There is a huge basilica there; actually two. There is also a hostel for the sick.

The shrine is a holy place for Catholics, with the entrance featuring a mosaic handcrafted by Vatican artisans depicting the Holy Trinity crowning Our Lady. The shrine was requested by The Blessed Mother in 1917. Fourteen side altars of the basilica represent the 14 mysteries of the rosary, while the 15th is depicted on the vault of the chancery. There is a great giant gilded bronze statue representing Jesus Christ in the center of the Shrine, representing the central importance of the person of Jesus in the message of Fatima.
The Mother of God, it must be repeated over and over, does not desire to be worshipped as a god. A crucial message of Fatima is to become closer to Jesus, an inexhaustible source of love and mercy.

(dateline July 2004)

Mel Gibson and his wife met Sister Lucia.

Shortly after a special interview, Sister Lucia goes into the hospital, and never gets well. And, shortly after Mr. Booth goes public with his message, he gets a heart attack. Whether outside parties got involved, I do not know. Lucia, the last of the three visionaries who saw and spoke with the Blessed Mother, died on Sunday, February 13, 2005, at 5:25 pm. She passed away in her cloistered convent at 97, about a month short of her 98th birthday.
The night before, she received a fax from Pope John Paul II and was so taken by the specialness, she seemed to have recovered her strength and “her little eyes were illuminated” so declared her nephew Salesian priest Jose dos Santos Valinho, who was there.

Sister Lucia spoke of Fatima in her 4 published memoirs, but never was allowed to reveal the “3rd” Secret publicly. The Vatican issued a Fatima module June of 2000 that not only made an attempt to explain the 3rd Secret, but cited a university scholar Rev. Dhanis who did not believe in the three children of Fatima and what they stood for. It was the only Fatima source the Vatican cited in the module of 2000 for religious reference.
The Third Secret of Fatima was first penned by Sister Lucia in 1944.

Francisco and Jacinta Marto, the two cousins of Lucia, were beautified on May 13, 2000, and on May 13, 2017 were canonized. There exists more to historically review than is possible in this short report, however, may I suggest to please pick up a copy of my latest book that reveals the story of Fatima and Lucia, which means light or the light of dawn, if you have not read it, yet.
We are at the point that if what David says is right is coming down in the near future, and the perspective is bleak. Nevertheless, there are many of the opinion that it could all be bunk or it is part of a great impending purification.

In the octaves of religions, Christianity is one of the principal religions of this world. Why would Fatima involve everybody?

The signature to all this is the proclamation in 2000 as stated by cardinals Sodano and Ratzinger–who became pope in 2005–that defies description. Both these leaders do not condemn Fatima.

They never issued an official edict forcing you to erase all memory of Fatima. All they do is tell you that you can believe whatever you like, but what they wrote offer zilch incentive on believing Fatima to be part of our contemporary life.


No matter what kind of a job you are in or daily chore you have to do, the weather affects you.

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“The first known hurricane to form in the South Atlantic, off the coast of Brazil, has puzzled forecasters how the storm came to be....
No hurricanes have been spotted in the South Atlantic since satellites began tracking all of that back in the 1960s. It has never happened, folks. You see, hurricanes don’t form there. Hurricanes form off the African continent and drift, toward us.”

Art Bell, March 27, 2004, on Coast To Coast AM describing a most peculiar hurricane.

The hurricane was also predicted by another person who is featured in the research, Reverend Andrew Wingate, before it happened.

Here is the story: On Friday, March 26, storm cells were centered 345 miles east off the coast of Brazil. Before it had struck, Brazilian scientists were telling the world that it was impossible that what was approaching was a hurricane.
On March 28, it hit land as a hurricane, complete with spawning tornadoes. Normally, hurricanes form above the Equator in this part of the world and do not transfer below the Equator. Mystic Wingate predicted this hurricane months before it occured, and I have it documented.

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Why should you be concerned about weather?

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The main connection between our videos is that they are preserved in history, and they renew the sense that man and woman, have been pitted against adversity before, and it is imperative we can work together to get out of it. You are in for a treat with the book Alert: For The Times; it is like war. But, unless events are presented, a modern techno-oriented society may say it is all exaggeration.

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