The three magnets that hold the enlightening book together are Science, Religion, and the Supernatural. As the author expresses, one must augment the facts with profound messages about the rapidly changing global environment, which includes history, science, and predictions, including Fatima and the Third Secret. The story of Fatima has been featured on television many times, such as History Channel's "Histories Mysteries", AND Fox News. Forewarnings in this book are expressed by both the scientific community, and from the nonscientific world of futurists such as St Malachy.

It is interesting to note that one and one half months before Valentine's Day of 2005, the United States gave up its business and rushed aid toward the Indonesian hemisphere, irregardless if the people were of faiths of Muslim or Hindu beliefs. The American people were awesome. The U.S. forces quickly sent toward the Indonesian disaster the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and 11 other large naval warships AND C-130's and C-2 Greyhound transport planes filled to the brim with myriad supplies to assist the devastated survivors of the December 2004 disaster. Each of you, believe it or not, is part of the wheel of knowledge. Thank you for purchasing this ebook
Valentine's Day of 2005 was just five months after a summer of crazy winds in the United States in 2004 and their end-results: devastation, power knock-outs and floods.

The following consists of two golden Timelines, in PDF. It might be helpful to refresh when retrieving a pdf. Quite frequently, the lack of dates is a culprit for misinformation. Author Valentine, however, combats that by being a stickler for historical dates.

Timeline 1.pdf
Timeline 2.pdf

The Antichrist, somewhere along the border.

If you have read the above Timelines, listen to this.


If you had difficulty reading p 8, voila, see above special page. The messages of Fatima involve both Roman Catholic and non-Roman Catholic and plays some importance for the world. We are thankful for this opportunity to bring to you this digitalbook, which has its formulation almost 20 long-years ago, back in the days when ebooks were relatively unknown.
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