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"...a delicious portrayal of those times expressed in rare photographs, many in color, and in carefully selected and written prose that truly captures the wartime spirit. . . . A great gift or coffee-table keepsake. If you were there you won't be able to put it down. 8th Air Force Historical Society
NEWEST WWII Title: A Toast For You & Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, vol 2

Author: Robert C. Valentine

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Vol 2 retail softcover price: $32.98

beautiful quality book 9.25 x 8.25
powerful, detailed narration, 296 pages

Illustrated in color
with a few black and white
Actual rare photo of Frank Sinatra in color during his prime--not printed anywhere else

Birth of the U.S. Eighth Army Air Force. Sea engagement of Midway in detail

Documentation of The Battle of Midway in color

Academy Award winner John Ford with never-before-seen information and superb color photography
This book was finalist in the History United States category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards
Supplemented with Dr. Seuss cartoons of 1942
Supplemented with a highly detailed chronlogy of 1942 that will amaze you
Orson Wells Between Americans, Dec. 7, 1941 radio program supplement

THE SPY NETWORK rarely told
including RCA, Ensign Yoshikawa
The war in the North Atlantic

Supplemental list of nations that declared war on the U.S. in the first 12 days of war
The story of theJapanese-American deportations
Secretive Ascension Island and Hollywood participation at the start of the war

Bibliography and index
"I have taken the time to go through it all and marvel at your patience in putting it together.
"I do not believe that I have ever seen a book assembled in such a way and manner as 1942 but it causes you to keep on reading. Many a momentous event took place as well as the ordinary and you have put them appropriately in their place...." Norman Hatch, WW II photographer, Major USMC (Ret)

Maj. Norman Hatch, 1945

Title: A Toast For You & Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, vol 1

Author: Robert C. Valentine

retail softcover price: $16.95
Non-fiction, 9.25 x 8.25

handy reference guide, 192 pages

52,462 word narrative
illustrations in color and black and white
original WW II cartoons
Back matter: Bibliography and index

Libraries secure a 10% discount

Title: A Toast For You & Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, vol 7 (anniversary year of 1944)

Author: Robert C. Valentine

retail hardcover price: $39.99

Non-fiction, Commemorative 8.5 x 11

over 250 color pictures
over 85 b+w pictures
illustrations: 19 maps and globes
32 original WW II cartoons

Libraries secure a 10% discount

Author researched for 16 years

Special up-to-date chronology

poignant narrative

educational for the young

First World War II book to utilize
Photoshop and Color Access to restore
fragile photography

Only book with a color photo of the famous correspondent Ernie Pyle

exclusive Battle-of-the-Bulge pictures in color that not even Time-Life has

unique participant cartoons and unique WW II campaign patches in color

Back matter: Bibliography and index

Title: Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets

--disintegration of glaciers

--the rising heat index of the world

--the amazing history book like no other

--Fatima events you never heard of

--the incredible connection of Maj Dames to our history (1st time in a book)

--unrelenting rise of dangerous storms especially Hurricane Sandy

-the hidden message by Nostradamus plus the real St Malachy

Available in digital format 2016

Educational with over 350 pages
With beautiful illustrations in color
Researched since 1996
Digital ebook with audio-visuals, price: $9.98

About the beautiful WW II Commemorative


8th Air Force Historical Society:
A Toast For You and Me, America's Participation by Robert C. Valentine, softcover, hardcover color. This book is an awesome presentation of the entirety of World War II--all services and all fronts including the home front. It is a delicious portrayal of those times expressed in rare photographs, many in color, and in carefully selected and written prose that truly captures the wartime spirit. I don't see how they can do it for the price--$29.99 to our readers! A great gift or coffee-table keepsake. If you were there you won't be able to put it down. (Softcover sold out but beautiful hardcover still available; a purchase of ebook Alert gets you a special coupon to get this book at a super duper deal direct from the author, and not only at a cool price but autographed if you like.)

The Book Reader :
...this big, bold D-Day commemorative.
Bold, because it is one of the most extensive array of quality color images published in a book about WW II. “Though this book begins with the Italian campaign, the curtains of other tormented stories are about to lift, also. All the seasons, the continents, the seas, the campaigns and time frames that you are about to read are intertwined into a theme---the saga of liberty.”
Cartoons and pictures along with a knowledgeable commentary by Valentine. Roosevelt's D-Day prayer: “God of the Free, we pledge our hearts and lives today....” Minute by minute, the grand Normandy invasion, the victories, the bombings, the false signals of where the invasion force was, how many soldiers were taking part, what the strategies were....All the while, Valentine follows the war across the globe, in the Pacific, where “not since Doolittle's raid over Tokyo was the homeland of Japan even close to perilous danger. However, in 1944 this was to change....”

Almost 300 large-sized pages, the photographs compelling, the text moving. Ernie Pyle is here in his full glory newspaper dispatches. The final section deals with color photography of the time. The best parts deal with the terrible Battle of the Bulge in which the enemy “broke all forward U.S. lines from Elsenborn to Bastogne.” Included are touching letters and journals from the troops. Quite an accomplishment. A fresh rhythm throughout creates a rich tapestry of massive warfare.

France Today Magazine, summer 1994:
Combining vivid remembrances with his own interest in the two great wars of our century, Mr. Valentine embarked on a sixteen-year quest to collect the moving histories, anecdotes and testimonies of suffering from World War II veterans throughout the United States and France....a comprehensive chronicle of the year 1944, the D-Day invasion of Normandy and succeeding liberation of France figure prominently.
In his retelling of the D-Day landing, Mr. Valentine
provides a minute-by-minute account of the historic day and its unfolding events. We relive the personal traumas and victories of American soldiers via their diaries, letters and modern-day interviews. We learn of the birth of Seabee Paulet Fouchard, born in the village of Ste-Marie-du-Mont during the Normandy invasion. And we discover the engineering prowess of Patton's Third Army which provided over 60,000 gallons of water daily to the people of Loire during one of the hottest summers on record.

From the beaches, Valentine takes us inland: through Norman villages, the cities and towns of Brittany, then southern France and at last, in summer, to Paris as it is liberated in late August.
Mr. Valentine is particularly proud of the hundreds of photos featured, most reproduced in color, and all of them previously unpublished. He has also included cartoons, drawings and illustrations created by American soldiers, trying to find humor in the midst of the atrocities of war. These were originally published in Paris editions of Yank and Stars and Stripes.
Mr. Valentine's personal interest in his subject along with his commitment in imparting the human testimony of war make
A Toast For You and Me a unique volume indeed.

Bond volume
Exquisite 93,000 word narrative
The following is a sampling of what the men who were really there, the actual WW II veterans, have to say about the breathtaking 1944 commemorative book:

I enjoyed your book very much. First chance I've had to see the whole picture. I witnessed the battle for Saint Lo, but all I could see was a big cloud of dust. I find it quite accurately portrayed. I'm leaving the book to my grandchildren to enjoy.
Edgar A Wright, WW II exThird Army

A Toast For You and Me, America's Participation is a welcome addition to anyone's collection of WW II history. It nicely blends the historical record of the progress of the war with personal anecdotes from troops and correspondents in the field. The color photos and reproductions of insignia all keep one's attention throughout. It is hard to put this book down after opening it.
William Lahman, WW II veteran, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

I looked forward to receiving your book with anticipation and the wait was worth it. I was not disappointed. I compliment you and your staff for a real job in its presentation of beautiful, sharp pictures.
Raymond J Farissler, WW II veteran, Whiting, New Jersey

A Toast For You and Me, America's Participation, brought back poignant memories. All your hundreds of illustrations made those memories live again. The many pages on the Battle of the Bulge were well done and especially meaningful to me.
Murray Shapiro, WW II veteran ex S/Sgt 28th Inf

A Toast For You and Me, America's Participation portrayed things as they were. I feel the book is historical for libraries. It is very attentive to details. Not at all boring.
Paul R Haag, WW II veteran, Baltimore, Maryland

Many of my friends pick it up, and once they start reading it, they can't put it down. I have gone through it several times.
Carl Meiser, WW veteran, Prescott, Arizona

I have enjoyed reading it. Am sure when my grandchildren are older they will enjoy it. They continually ask about my service in WW II. Robert Salisbury,
WW II veteran ex119th Engineer stars Bn, Redford, Michigan

The book was very well written and should be in libraries so the modern generation will find out what happened.
Frank DeBernardi, WW II veteran Duncan, Oklahoma

Having an extensive war library, I was only too glad to add this commemorative book, A Toast For You and Me, America's Participation for it depicts what took place on the fringes of the war and presents a solid over-all picture.
Colonel Thomas D Gillis (Ret), Greenbrae, Calif

The Toast For You and Me book is an outstanding job---excellent pictures, good narrative and some behind the scenes stuff.
Lawrence A Bennett, WW II exThird Army veteran Sacramento, Calif

An excellent book, accurate and to the point. My daughter is an avid collector of World War Two History and now has the book! I enjoyed the book immensely.
Lt Colonel Burnett B Beach (Ret), WWII veteran ex 12th Arm Div, Los Osos, Calif

I enjoyed the book A Toast For You and Me, America's Participation very much. The pictures were very realistic. It brought back many memories. My family enjoyed the book, also.
Marion McCracken, WW II r star vet, Lincoln, Nebraska

This book has been great interest to my grandsons and a real bit of history for them.
Jack B Shumate, WW II veteran, Mesa, Arizona