*Do you remember the year 2004? It was severe in tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes and straight-lined winds. Weren't 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 all the same? 2004 seems to be an unforgetable and notable year in terms of winds.

Please allow us to expand on 2004. Both mainstream scientists and numerous weather bureaus cannot deny the fact Maj. Dames made a statement on April 10, 2004, well before 2004 became critical, that 2004 would indeed be the “year of winds”. [Since 1900, typical tornado year counts hovered around 1,100.]
In 1999 there were at least 1,236 tornadoes, but, that was eclipsed in 2004.
Maj. Dames’ big deal regarding 2004 that 2004 would be “the year of winds” seems to have played out as those events constituted a year of winds beyond normal.
Before we delve into 2004, allow us to quote a person who has nothing to do with Maj. Dames or technical remote-viewing.

Chief meteorologist Jack Hayes, Director of NWS said about the howling winds and wind storms, “In my weather career spanning four decades, I've never seen a year quite like 2011....with nearly every conceivable type of weather.” 2011? Indeed, 2011 was exceptional, and yet, compared to 2004....
Yes, 2011, had records of sorts, but despite a massive outbreak of twisters, and other record breaking phenomena, the confirmed tornado record of 2004 was not broken.

People in America were treated to a record-breaking flow of a “massive outbreak of severe thunderstorms that led to 1,200 reports”, so that by the time Spring ended, the tornado tally was easily in the 1300 range. We found May 2004 as the second May in a row for excessiveness in the so-called tornado alley. Until early May-believe it or not- it even looked like a below-normal year for tornadoes in America, until the dreadful activity picked up.
But, the so-called year of winds was not done, yet.
Along came August and September.

Following the hurricanes, 300 tornadoes were recorded in August and September, a record unprecedented in 54 years of tornado data, according to the weather magazine Weatherwise.

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By the time the year ended, the United States people had been subjected to a murderous 1,722 twisters. In 2011, despite a massive outbreak of twisters, the record was not broken, as it tallied only 1,704.
The year of winds forms a record and a testament to the accuracy of Major Dames!
The catchword for 2004 was airport delay after delay. Terrible Ivan was a major hurricane that lasted 10 days, a new record for a single storm since the days when all this began back in 1944.

In terms of global winds, the level, too, went unprecedented. A record 10 tropical cyclones struck Japan in 2004 (Jun-Oct). Nearly 200 died. There were widespread floods. Four hurricanes alone caused over $2 billion in damages to the Bahamas and Caribbean isles in August and September.
Inhabitants in Hawaii on January 23, 2004, may remember the tornadic winds near Waipahu but, right after it, a wave of thunderstorms from the sky drenched the people when during Feb 26-29, 9.26 inches of rain fell and caused power outages and sank numerous vessels. Californians remember the unusual twisters the same month. People in Brazil may remember March 2004 as a most unusual month because it was a time a very unusual mass of air got so unstable, it computationally blew into Brazil as a hurricane. Rev. Wingate, incidentally, had predicted it on the radio program Coast To Coast AM to George Noory.

The U.S. meteorologists tried warning the Brazilians that it was a hurricane, but they did not believe them. Since when do hurricanes venture below the equator? Unfortunately for the detractors of Dames, who like to yak, especially on the internet, that Dames has never been correct, this blows up in their faces.
No set of years since has equaled it, no matter how dangerous the winds have become lately.
The hurricane that struck March 28 on the southern coast of Brazil in Santa Catarina State killed two and demolished some 200 homes.
Two tropical typhoons and crazy tropic depressions slammed into the Philippines mid-November to early December that claimed over 1000 lives and destroyed 42,000 homes.
When you think of 2004-2005, Hurricane Katrina springs up, naturally. But, overall, 2004 was more unusual and extreme. In 2004–repeated again in 2005–Florida “the Sunshine State” morphed into the “plywood state.”

The year marked no ordinary year as the severity rewarded Maj. Dames with a historical point as the people living in the Southeast and the Gulf Coast were immersed in flying debris, howling winds and incessant rain and floods. Everywhere life was disrupted, including the lives of countless youths who were just starting their school year.

The “plywood state” was battered by hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.
Jeanne produced catastrophic flooding in Puerto Rico as well as in Haiti where thousands died because of it. Terrible Ivan was super weird. After it went inland and headed north, it headed into the Atlantic, turned south and then headed back to land, cutting across Florida (again) before making landfall (again) on the Gulf Coast (in Louisiana) then dying out. Pretty weird.

The Atlantic Hurricane season overall claimed over 3,100 lives and caused $44 billion in property damage for the United States. One cannot deny the hurricane season that followed, for it reached a frenzy in 2005, but tornadoes and cyclones must also be taken into account.
The major thing is that each and everyone of the intuitives that are marked in the book, and which Valentine has been documenting since the mid 1990s, concerning the weather, is a testament to what they all have in common, and that is what is reported in the ebook: The expectation of radical storms to continue. Lamentably, that action forms the immediate bridge to the future.

Would it not be nice if our weather would revert to nicer times? However, events continue with terrific wind storms punching across much of the world, especially in the United States. A most recent example are the winds that struck the East Coast July of 2014; dare you not say things were really flying near Boston?

Is is merely Doomsday implantations?
[Edit note: play any of the Magic Kingdoms and use the sound from this video and you will be amazed.] Big storm at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Hurricane Charley disrupts Disney World fun, central Florida, Aug 13, 2004. [We must marvel at Dave’s foresight to keep his historical perspective, from the first inklings of trouble to the ferocity]. Believe it or not, the 2008 hurricane season in Florida was not that wild, even though quite wet. An exception? The hurricane season on U.S. territories was not terrific due to El Nino. Please also note, 2005-2008 was part of a quiet solar cycle.

We must realize another fact: May 2008 began with a deadly seriousness--solar cycle or no solar cycle--which was expressed on many news channels; in other words, one cannot blame every big weather disturbance on the Sun.

Historically speaking, by May 11, 2008, the United States had seen the most fatalities due to winds since 1998 (98) and the seventh deadliest start since 1950...The Midwest 2008.

The flight of a giant jet that crashed.

From the world of parapsychology labs, we bring you a story about the flight and take-over of a giant jet that crashed late 1999.
Maj. Dames had foreseen all this. This is only a synopsis...
BUT IF YOU really want the full information and all the news scoops to your heart's content, please read a copy of the ebook, Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets complete with informative videos.

“There was a violent altercation in the cockpit, Art.

One of the crew members, or it could have been a flight attendant attacked the pilot from behind. There was a very violent altercation [that] followed, part of members of the crew tried to hold down a single individual, but the individual got up again. And started essentially...went postal in the cockpit, that is why when the cockpit voice recorder is retrieved, you will hear that in the recorder...”


The quote above was made by Maj. Ed Dames on November 11, 1999, between 11 and 11:30 pm PST BEFORE the flight recorder was retrieved from a crashed EgyptAir Flight 990, several days later from the deep of the Atlantic. This was an exceptional example of alerting the public before the investigators made their public findings. [See The Atlantic Monthly, November 2001 issue.]

Some 80 miles an hour.

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For the past 30+ years, there have been secret government programs called remote viewing. Other books on the market tell you about the avid relatives, like coordinate remote viewing etc.
Major Dames is not some seer who predicts the future or intuitive who brings astonishing revelations. On some things it must be said he has been incorrect; he has been chillingly correct on others. He is of the belief the ozone conditions will continue to deteriorate so bad, the structure of our society changes radically.
Since 1995, Maj. Dames, recipient of the Legion of Merit from the U.S. Army, paratrooper, specialist in bio-electronics and bio-chemical warfare, has been publicly predicting earth changes. Since 1996 he has spoken about wild, rapacious winds to come down on deck, with the strength of a tornado or hurricane but, in reality not from a tornado or hurricane.
Is it invented? Is it amazing? Is it all hypothetical? He warned to be on our guard.
He also warned about something entirely different, and that deals with the economy.
Our economy, indeed, is in serious trouble.
For starters see
Is our economy crumbling like a cookie? Brilliant mathematicians tell it like it is. Part of the economic picture revolves around the unemployment rate and food stamp numbers.
Some accountants hope you are too dum to know it. It is important to discern the difference on how one treats the true numbers. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, while 39 million people are on food stamps, an unbelievable 300%+ is being spent to assist Wall Street over what is being spent to help those on the food stamp program. She related this on Coast To Coast AM to George Noory. Recent government statisticians lately announced the unemplyment rate fell to 6.7% or near 5%. Many honest mathematicians say it is really closer to between 9.9% or 11.5% or above. Screening the filters, the numbers are significantly higher than just 6.7%, approaching the unemployment rate of the 1930s Great Depression.
Times were terrible during the Great Depression. Bread lines were rampant. It was very sad when many people were at the start out of a job. A song from the 1930s:

A series of measures and programs were started from 1931 onward; with an army of agencies with an alphabet of letters springing up during the height of the Great Depression: PWA, CWA, AAA, CCC, NYA, TVA. The key? They gave the American people from coast to coast jobs--in the first 8 months, 4.3 million people left the skids and worked on 180,000 different projects. Talk to someone who lived it, and they remember how the common people were helped. The New Deal, and how distressing life was alleviated, is also covered in the new ebook!

Author Valentine has it all chronicled in tantalizing format. While the ebook gives you a bio on Major Ed Dames and the rise of PSI Tech during the 1990s--the book also includes things like the disenchanting economy, the disappearing bees, the ugly Ug99, asteroids plus many weather facts that are not found anywhere else!
Valentine keeps perking things up with stories of our modern history that is quite relevant to us. Maj. Dames had foreseen an increase in erratic and severe weather, not to mention an outburst in natural disasters that he said would begin in the decade of the 1990s and continue into the new millennium.

Readers get an insight to the fascinating program that is called Technical Remote Viewing.
Readers are provided a chronological reference document on defining remote viewing, military intelligence, gifted people in remote viewing, secret definitions of technical remote viewing, and MOST IMPORTANTLY prognostications involving the climate 1996-2013--after May 23, we can auspiciously include 2008: Chicago 7:30 central time August 5, 2008; NY Thunderstorm Ground Zero.


On national radio on Coast To Coast AM, Jan 1, 2005, Dames predicted that a huge quake of 9 would hit Indonesia in March.
On March 28, it materialized. [In light of the Dec 26, 2004 disaster, the major catastrophe might not have been as devastating, but it was still awesome.] He was off a bit. He said it was 25 deg south of the equator, but was a bit north. He said it was still in Indonesia, and he was correct. He called it 9. It turned out to be an amazing 8.7!

We must remember that in 1998, every meteorologist in the world was telling us 1998 was the warmest in 1200 years. Do you remember that? Inside 10 years, humanity has also seen the malicious rise of weird disease, rise of Earth’s average temperature, stranger solar magnetic storms, and most peculiar micro-bursts of wind and insane bites of frost and temperature drops that are not made up by some sly Hollywood director; if you live in sunny California you probably can’t relate to that, but if you’re from the midwest or southeast, you know what I mean.

Behind the wild tragic weather, is this key concept. You can argue till you’re blue in the face as to why, but the inherent instability of the atmosphere is producing constant disturbing patterns that, as of yet, have not shown signs of abating or reversing. In the book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets, we are told via remote viewing that concurrent with a worsening economy, a solar kill shot and a pandemic, there will be appearing a planetoid which closely crosses earth’s orbit. As Major Dames stated on December 18, 2005, it “grazes earth’s atmosphere and it causes a cataclysm.” It is not just a planetary object/far-away-future idea. But, according to him, the consequences are to weaken the ozone layer. All this is revealed more thoroughly in the ebook.

He is, to put it mildly, years ahead of his time--before the issuance of government and business reports that began to be noticed by mainstream news like ABC, CBS or NBC. It is almost 21 years ago that Mr. Valentine first heard of the name Ed Dames and TRV, short for Technical Remote Viewing. No earth defying records had yet been broken in the manner he had stipulated. At that time, it was just talk. There was no such thing as a record-pounding 312 tornadoes setting upon Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas one May month or the notable series of rain spurts that struck the American East--the weekend of June 2006. There were no tornadoes like the ones that struck Joplin or Brooklyn-Queens-Staten Island or St Louis or Louisville or a Hurricane Sandy.

There are various reasons why the weather is becoming more and more peculiar; a long-term global thing, the sun, a global warming issue, pure chance or that it is a punishment of God?
Since October 12, 1996, Maj. Dames has been making announcements about what to watch out for, and the author has been monitoring him every step of the way, which is now into its 20th+ year, and set forth in the new ebook. People, moreover, do not compute that there is a difference between remote viewing moving people and something ecologically large. The information is so fantastic, nobody else has conveyed it, and that is what makes this unique.

Maj. Dames made a most bizarre prediction in April of 1998, when he revealed a new genus of plant fungus would sweep the world. During the night of April 24-25, 1998, about 13 days before Rev Malachi Martin appeared as a guest on Coast To Coast AM, Dames was on the air with Art Bell on Coast To Coast AM, and Dames stated that it “appears to accelerate the growth of fungi.” He also said that the African fungus, a particular matter in the atmosphere over Africa will affect food crops, not animals, a killer rustlike fungus--that would spread from Africa. Author Valentine has the actual recording that he made back in 1998, and is revealed in the ebook.
Date: April 8, 1999 Extra From: Fox News Science Tech section:
“A new mutated form of the stem rust fungus, a disease... reappeared suddenly several weeks ago at” a farm in the rainy highlands of Uganda, as discovered by a research group of scientists from Mexico. This reappearance of the wind-borne spores grow on plant stems and threatens a genetic fix introduced in the 1950s and 1960s. This is something that the team of remote viewers led by Maj. Dames clearly foresaw as a future event--just like the 2011 Fukushima Japanese earthquake and nuclear disaster that was predicted years before it even occurred. A fungus that has evolved--for over 17 years--that most Americans don’t know about? It is a mutation that almost no wheat crop can resist the horrible destruction. In the international world, it is known as Ug99. This is all chronicled in the book--another indication of something Maj. Dames on Coast To Coast AM has tried to warn people beforehand. The Fukushima Japanese earthquake and nuclear disaster are also described in the history ebook. Shocking news that is found in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets; and the repercussions have not abated.

Shocking if it is true. Only by reading the history book Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets--will you nourish your knowledge and discover what is true or false.

With World Series, NBA finals, March madness basketball, football grabbing headlines, international World Cup, it becomes easy to become distracted--who has time to think about low pressure fronts, storm cells, and rain, rain, rain. Rain, rain go away. Rain is near normal, isn’t it? SO, let’s not say it is a big deal, right? Wrong!
In the past, the violence of weather extremes had been more spread out over time, but lately that’s not the case. Because they are more pronounced along with the fact of the warming temperature spectrum, prominent meteorologists and climatologists have joined the fray of scientists warning that something is not right. As people with PhD diplomas tell us the ocean currents or atmosphere or the changes in Greenland and Antarctica are quite rad, all these people with PhD diplomas are speaking out so that it is not as funny as it once was in 1996.

Despite the fact recent historical developments are propelling weather-related news to the forefront, it seems people, unfortunately, are making it out to be only a global warming picture. You either are for it or against it. Bingo, that’s how people place the weather picture. The author has studied the topic of weather and climate long enough to know this. All this is enumerated in his fine book.
But, whether it’s explainable by science or not, there exist a few things that have occurred and remain to this day unexplainable by science.

The Sun is strangely quiescent now. No scientist can explain why the Sun exploded the way it did in March of 2001. Nor, why another burst of energy with a killer force more powerful than every nuclear devise being detonated at once chose to do its thing on November 4, 2003. Only by the grace of God, was Earth luckily not facing its direction because if it had felt the wrath of the Sun, good luck for the repercussions would have been astronomical. That is no fabrication.

From the author: I have been privileged to have met such persons as Major Dames, Gordon-Michael Scallion, Sean Morton, Dannion Brinkley and Rev. Andrew Wingate. Science alone cannot give you all the answers. However, I have also learned it would be foolish to subtract science from our lives. With the exception of the Bible, there is no official document telling us what to expect in our future.
Twenty years ago, the topics of Garabandal, which is from the 1960s, and Fatima, which is from 1917, were not favorites of mine, nor had I ever heard of TRV.

In early 1996, I had also never heard of Rev Malachi Martin, Rev Andrew Wingate--both whom could discern things the ordinary person cannot--Art Bell, Linda Howe, bin Laden, and that Iranian nut. As our ecosystem undergoes dramatic changes, humankind, especially Americans, will be forced to face another drama. Read the ebook. Major Dames is of the opinion World War III began in 1991. Major Dames is executive director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency, a private consulting group. He was a technical consultant for the feature film Suspect Zero, (a Tom Cruise-Paula Wagner production), and he also played the role of an FBI remote-viewing instructor in the movie.

If you are interested in his website, press here.

Please note, there is more information in the ebook. It fills the world of the bizarre. Moreover, you will see it all interlocks (regarding the theme of weather and climate) to the words associated with modern futurists.


September, 28, 2001: “We are better than the best natural psychics who have ever lived at what we do.... ” Major Ed Dames


To put it into perspective and very bluntly, what is documented in the book is an astounding translation of humankind’s future, that defies explanation. While Alert: For The Times is composed of many years of research, it does chronicle many fading secrets. Moreover, the chronicle dispenses with hearsay.
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We know there are many of the opinion that TRV is a hypothesis or who think it may not work. However, you can be the deciding factor once you read the spellbinding new ebook.

A Brief History
The following dates for the record, 1972 to 1999, are important regarding Remote Viewing and were researched and compiled by Paul H. Smith, and we are very grateful. (Only the chronology in red was added by Mr. Valentine.)

October 1, 1972--The CIA awards Stanford Research Institute (SRI) $50 million exploratory contract.
October 18, 1974--Russell Targ and Dr. Hal Puthoff publish article on remote viewing research in "Nature".
July 1975--The CIA terminates involvement in and funding of remote viewing, but later the U.S. Air Force Foreign Technology Division becomes the primary funder of SRI research [
laboratory] program, with Dale Graff supervising.
September 1977--U.S. Army’s remote viewing program GONDOLA WISH is established by Lt. F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater at the direction of the Army Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence Maj. Gen. Edmund Thompson.
July 13, 1978--GONDOLA WISH is changed to name GRILL FLAME.
Dec 78-Jan 79--Selection of remote viewers for GRILL Flame. Civilians Mel Riley, natural psychic Joe McMoneagle, Ken Bell and three others are included.
September 4, 1979--First Army-conducted operational remote viewing session performed.
March 1979--Remote viewers working with Dale Graff at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and at SRI correctly locate downed Soviet TU-22 recon aircraft.
1979-81--Stephan Schwartz conducts Alexandria Project, a remote viewing archaeology project in Egypt. His book Alexandria Project is subsequently published.
ca. 1980--Air Force Chief of Staff cancels AF RV program; Dale Graff joins Defense Intelligence Agency as principal staff officer for remote viewing effort.
1981-82--Putoff and natural psychic Ingo Swann develop coordinate remote viewing (CRV) architecture.
1983---Charlene Cavanaugh joins military RV unit in August; Paul H. Smith joins in September.
Jan 1984--Bill Ray joins military RV unit; second prototype group of CRV candidates begins training (group includes Smith, Ray, Cavanaugh; Maj. Ed Dames is last minute addition to training contract while remaining assigned to his sponsoring unit).
Apr 1984--Natural psychic Lyn Buchanan joins the Ft. Meade RV unit.
1984--Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) takes over from the U.S. Army. Maj. Dames receives two Meritorious Service Medals for distinguishing service as targeting and analysis officer in identifying new USSR secrets weapons program in biochemical warfare.
1985-1986--Caravel Project, an underwater archeology project is conducted by Stephan Schwartz.
January 31, 1986--After a year of holding operational control, DIA takes formal control of the military operational Remote Viewing [Psi Spy] program, and renames it SUN STREAK. Ed Dames joins RV unit.
December 1987--F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater departs the Ft. Meade RV unit on retirement leave.
June 1988--David Morehouse is assigned to the Ft. Meade RV unit.
December 1988--Maj. Dames departs the Ft. Meade RV unit.
1989--Maj. Dames forms Psi Tech.
June 1990--David Morehouse departs, and Mel Riley retires from the Ft. Meade RV unit.
August 1990--Paul Smith is reassigned from the Ft. Meade RV unit to the 101st Airborne Division for Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
late 1990--Civilian Dale Graf becomes chief of the Ft. Meade RV unit, and changes project name to STAR GATE.
1991--Edwin May moves RV research program from SRI International to Science Application International Corporation. Maj. Dames retires from the U.S. Army.
January 1992--Lyn Buchanan retires from the Ft. Meade RV unit.
1993--The book Mind Trek (by Joe McMoneagle) is published.
June 1993--Dale Graff retires.
1994--Wording added to Federal Y95 budget transferring control of STAR GATE from DIA to CIA.
1995--CIA begins Congressionally directed evaluation of RV as an intelligence tool. American Institutes of Research is hired to do a "scientific" study; in the report officially published in Sept the AIR concludes that RV has no value as an intelligence tool. Significant questions are raised about the completeness and accuracy of the AIR study.
June 30, 1995--CIA cancels STAR GATE program. The five remaining personnel are reassigned to other jobs in the government.
November 28, 1995--Ted Koppel's "Nightline" on ABC reveals to the public existence of government remote-viewing effort, and inaccurately states it has a 15% accuracy rate. Interviewed are former CIA director Robert Gates, Dale Graff, Edwin May, Joe McMoneagle, etc.

1996--First time Robert C. Valentine hears Maj. Dames on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell.
November 1996--The book Psychic Warrior (Morehouse) is published.
January 30, 1997--First time Maj. Dames mentions word "discontinuity" on radio.
February 1997--The book Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies (Schnabel) is published.
November 25, 1997--Maj. Dames discloses what the "discontinuity" could possibly be on Coast To Coast AM; for the record it is in Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets.
March 18, 1999--The International Remote Viewing Association is formed.

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