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We are happy to announce that finally Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets will be available.
It will not be available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as we had hoped, because our digital ebook is too LARGE in megabyte size for them. Please inquire.
If you scroll down, you will find unbounding knowledge about World War II.
Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets proceeds into a range of events expanding on the supernatural, science and religion. The range is remarkable. There are vistas that involve the gasping atmosphere and record making weather history, especially the winds. There are many secrets and stories to tell.

One can find many variations on events, Catholic see WOW or non-Catholic see WOW, -----conservative or otherwise. Can the relationship of St Malachy to Petrus Romanus be accurate? You will be astounded by all the historical connectors.
There are many vistas. Alert: For The Times can be purchased--after all the wait-- all 367 pages of it. Historian Valentine has put in a lot of time into his research, since 1996.
It is extraordinary and expands on the supernatural, especially Fatima, Garabandal and St Malachy of Ireland.
Fatima? Here is a tidbit of history. In the town of Ourem in the 12th Century lived a Moorish Princess named Fatima-Oureana. Her name was given to the towns of Ourem and Fatima. An unknown saint of Portugal by the name of Nuno Alvares Pereira grew up just outside Ourem. He was of a noble family. He was a 25-year old knight when in 1385 led an army of King John I of Portugal against an army much more greater than his, at the battle of Aljubarrota.
They were fighting an army of King John of Castile. Nuno’s brother Pedro was on the Castilians side; he was Prior of the Hospitalers. Nuno had 25 siblings, but unlike his brothers and sisters, he had an ardent devotion to our Blessed Mother Maria, the mother of Jesus Christ her only Son. Throughout his military career, he reminded his troops they were fighting for a holy cause, to pray, to be respectful and be merciful to their enemies.
The Castilians side had 15,000 foot soldiers, 6,000 lancers and 8,000 crossbowmen and over 2,000 French knights. They also had 15 heavy mortars, sort of like artillery pieces. Nuno’s army was composed of about 4,000 foot soldiers, only 1,700 lancers, 800 crossbowmen, 100 English longbowmen and no mortars.

It was said on their way to Aljubarrota, after crossing the mount of St. Michael, overlooking the Cova da Iria, on August 13, 1385 his horses began to kneel and he was led to the spot where in 1917 the great miracle of Our Lady of Fatima took place. But, he did not know she would appear there 532 years later. There the king and his commander-in-chief prayed to the Blessed Mother that should they win they would build a monastery to her honor.

The forces commanded by Nuno Alvares Pereira waved a standard flag with the image of Our Blessed Lady. He was a tough soldier for Christ and His mother, a soldier willing to fight to affirm the Faith. He used novel tactics, by forming his cavalry into a square and then surrounding the outer edges with infantry holding their lances. Behind each lancer, there was another man ready to pick up the lance if the first lancers were wounded or killed.
Count Nuno rode in the middle of the square giving orders and encouraging everyone. Immediately before the battle, he spoke to his soldiers exhorting them to trust in God.
The foe thought the poorly armed Portuguese cavalry would not withstand the cavalry charge. Although his forces were greatly outnumbered, he blocked them at Aljubarrota. They with the support of English allies defeated the army of Italian, French and Aragonese troops the next day, putting an end to Castilian-French-Aragonese ambitions to the Portuguese throne. Count Nuno’s way of waging war was different, above all to be respectful and merciful to their enemies and the civilian population. He drew his strength for the fight from his great devotion to Our Lady. Nuno was not hesitant to urge his soldiers to pray and receive the sacraments. He nourished special devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament and to the Blessed Mother. The future saint even pushed prostitutes and gamblers out of his camps. John I of Portugal rewarded Nuno Pereira, the knight who engraved the name of Mary on his sword, with titles and extensive lands and properties. He spent much of his wealth building churches and monasteries to honor Mary, who had never abandoned him in hard times. His daughter Beatrice married John I’s legitimated son Alfonso and thus became ancestor of the House of Bragan, which in 1640 became the ruling house of Portugal.
One time, he was so hungry that he traded his horse for six loaves of bread, but then he gave every loaf to a group of English knights who were looking for food. King John I built the Batalha Monastery, and the Church of St. Mary of Victory, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. In 1389, Nuno built a monastery-Gothic Church to Our Lady of the Scapular of Mt Carmel on a hill outside of Lisbon. He later help build six other churches in honor of Our Lady at his own expense-why not, he was wealthy. At 60 years of age he gave all his remaining wealth to the Carmel and entered the Carmelite Monastery and lived a poor monk until his death the same year as St. Joan of Arc, in 1431--where, as it is said, asked his brother monks to read him St. John’s account of the Passion. At the words of, “Behold your mother” he passed away. It was Easter Sunday. He was declared a Saint April 26, 2009 with five others in Rome by Pope Benedict XVI. His feast day is November 6.

Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets is a book that goes beyond any regular Fatima book you have ever read, and has interconnections never before revealed in any book, especially when it comes to the relative of Sister Lucia, a strange character by the name of David Booth.

During Sister Lucia’s last years of her life, no one was really allowed to visit her--unless you were a relative.
It seems, moreover, God’s messenger gave David Booth a special message to deliver to the public, of times of dire consequences foretold long ago as the world will find itself glowing in wickedness. What was foretold has not been publicized, but is covered in both the printed version and the ebook. There is a trail that leads beyond the normal, into queer, disturbing times. It has also documented what Andrew Wingate revealed to George Noory of “Coast To Coast”; Sister Lucia knew of Rev Andrew Wingate, a man who in many web circles is discredited but,--they are not aware of many, many things.

Allow us to give you a hint. Had Father Wingate been a phony, Lucia would have never bothered with him when she was in Rome. She not only saw him, but called for him. There are many secrets to tell. There is also a connector to the Sun and Solar Cycle 24, which Valentine has researched.

Alert: For The Times, Book of Secrets the astounding fact-filled digital book will be an information gold mine. Available in 3 formats: Apple, Kindle and Nook,
written by historian Robert C. Valentine.

(Above) Family photo of Lucia 1919, right to left, Gloria, Carolina, Lucia, in front of baby, next to her mother, Maria who is sitting. A third secret was imparted to Lucia in 1917. messages.mp4
Lucia never revealed it in public. The actual miracle of the Sun was witnesssed by over 60,000 people of all faiths (below).

The book also documents what Rev Malachi Martin revealed to Art Bell many years ago, in 1997 and 1998. Oct_13movie.mp4
Mr. Booth made his last guest appearance on the radio show Coast to Coast AM on May 3, 2007, when he revealed he was a relative of Sister Lucia. She had sent for him in 2004, and because he is a relative, nobody at the Vatican could stop him. Booth’s Great Auntie was the daughter of Maria’s sister. That was a special secret. If you go to the website of Coast to Coast, and peak into the archives, LOOK UP THE DATE OF MAY 3 2007. Coast to Coast, a big outfit, a radio program that is usually not afraid to tell you the truth, is missing any description about Booth about that May 3, even in the PAST SHOWS segment. However, as of December 3, 2016, no word is mentioned that Booth is a relative or that he was given the message. It is all still secretively, mysteriously left out in the Coast to Coast archives. However, that is why this history book goes beyond any other book you have ever read... guaranteed to peak your interest in just the first 2 chapters. Within the awesome book, there are several movies and informative links. Mr. Valentine has perhaps outdone himself with his fine poetic energy and research, forged with facts like his World War II books.

PDFs: Alert: For The Times/ +WW II book vol 1 (early war years in green) DOWNLOADS

Top Secret 1941
Art Bell_Economy
In color
Fascism Triumphs

1941 Remembered

A Toast For You and Me, America's Participation
Sacrifice and Victory is a series of WW II books.
Volumes 1 and 2 plus the D-Day volume are available in limited quantity.

The Blitz

November 1941 Peace Evaporating

Protecting the little ones from gas attack, Hawaii 1941-1942.

A Toast For You & Me: America’s Participation,
Sacrifice and Victory, vol 2
Award-winning Finalist in the History
United States category

Streamlined art. Age of Stainless Steel. Radio. Hollywood. Zoom into 1942. The solitude of separating mountains of information is offset by the hope that readers will gain unbounding knowledge about a world of the 1940s.


World War II officially lasted from 1939 to 1945. This book is an account of 1942, an awesome Volume on 1942.

Dr Seuss
Chap 1
UK+ Midway
Labor Force
Carole Lombard
NYC at war
Guad 2-
North Africa

Our wonderful 290+ page book is A Toast For You & Me, America’s Participation, Sacrifice and Victory, vol 2. Publication date: Oct 13, 2009. Even after some 70 years, when WW II was at its height, new things still pop up!

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Age of Radio.pdf
Fly Commando.pdf
Til We Meet again

Welcome to a journey into knowledge, carried on the caravans of history.

“‘Let us go back in time.Through the miracle of pictures. Back, Back in time…before the age of lusty oil monopolies. al-Qaeda or pocket TV’s.’” So begins Robert C. Valentine’s book...” from the review from RebeccasReads.com. (When you get there, press Reviews in the orange box at Left, then under the Titles box, press "A".)

The confiscation of 1,645 short-wave radios and 3,000 guns by the FBI? The Nazi Spy Ring of 33 led by a real 5th Columnist F.J. Duquesne? Real spies at Terminal Island Los Angeles? Cyanide capsules? “Push bell for mistress” joke at Wycombe Abbey School, Buckinghamshire, Navajo Code Talkers? Mass arrests of German American Vocational League members along with 1,652 sticks of dynamite? Super Secret Serial Letter 077338 and FDR? SS Manhattan? Ha, you haven’t seen anything, yet! . . . All in the book about 1942? Yes, and much more.*

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*USS West Point, Irene Harada, Ben Kanahele, Hollywood Canteen, exclusive picture in color of Hell Gate Bridge and the complete story of the 1942 saboteurs, SS Montebello, air wardens, Offices of Price Administration, Naval Intelligence, Civilian Defense, War Information, Censorship, Defense Health and Welfare Services; National Victory Day Tokyo, Operation Drum Roll, Operation Torch, Operation Bolero, the solemn hours of multi-Axis triumphs, cool radio programs like Between Americans, exclusive photo of Frank Sinatra in color, exclusive photos of Hideki Tojo, captured U-boat prisoners in color, Boy Scouts, Honolulu under martial law, Hollywood and Vine in color, Joe Dimaggio, Dr. Seuss cartoons, HMS Islam, the toughness of Americans surviving on Guadalcanal, the harshness under rationing, blackouts and scarcities, the toughness of surviving against social discrimination, the cobwebs of executive orders 9066 and 8802, the Sullivan Brothers, exclusive info on Kodacolor Aero Reversal Film, Fleet of Modernism, the Crusader, the Daylight, Out of the Frying Pan and into the Firing Line, Blitz Wolf, Food Will Win The War, Walt Disney, Navajo Tribal Council and the Six Nations, Glenn Miller, Robert E. Sherwood, National Publishers Association, Hollywood’s Victory Caravan of Stars, War Bonds, Margaretta Bertlemann, Max Stephan, Henry L. Stimson, Stalingrad’s Punishment Battalions, Yorktown, Enterprise, cool exclusive color photography of Doolittle and Midway, Mazzini Society, Archibald MacLeish, A. Phillip Randolph, Artie Shaw, Jimmy Miller, James Doolittle, William Halsey, Ernie Pyle, Douglas MacArthur, Chester Nimitz, Bernard E. Hagen, Nobuo Fujita and Brookings, Oregon, photographer Theresa Bonney, Humphrey Bogart, Stanley Johnston and the leak of the decisive battle of Midway, heroine Amelia C. Funk, Der Fuehrer's Face, Daffy Duck, the heroes of the battles of Midway and Guadalcanal, Henry Kaiser, Donald Nelson, Elmer Davis, Olaf Groebler, Agnes M. Driscoll, Madame X, La Cadena de Las Americas.

If you would allow us, we would like to take you to a different caravan of history, to 1945, when the core of the human race began to change. It hit tilt with the dawn of the Age of the Atomic Bomb.

There is a fascinating story of WW II connected to Fatima, which we would like to relate to you.
A quarter of a million Americans of the WW II generation were poised to invade Japan. The majority knew not what nuclear fission or atomic radiation
The core of the human race rapidly changed during WW II, but the planet did not begin the ride of Mr. Toad’s wild ride until 1945.
The entire concept of war was about to change the summer of ‘45. A destructive force of one bomb inherent to the equivalent of about 15,000 tons of TNT did not just kill you, but it vaporized you, in a snap.

Before August of 1945, there was no announcement of atomic this or atomic that; it was hush-hush; top secret.
Japan was an island of changing times, and what they were to feel and about to know would be segregated from the rest of the world for a spell.
A people of an island were the first to feel the new era of changing times.

The standards and precepts of a human race linked to the past--both the good and the worst--all traits of humanity known since the birth of man, was changed by the single melt down of atomic particles August of 1945 There were two nuclear bomb blasts during WW II, one at Hiroshima and the other at Nagasaki, Japan.
Less than a half mile from ground zero, there were eight survivors who suffered neither ill effects or death. According to the reports, they suffered no signs of radiation or other effects experienced by all other survivors.

These survivors were eight Jesuit priests who were part of a few Roman Catholic missions established in Japan. They were in Hiroshima that early August.

Survivors who were from 1 to about 15 kilometers from the blast had some form of cancer, except the German Jesuits who prayed the rosary, --most survivors all died within 15 years, except the Jesuits. The U.S. Army never commented on how the Jesuits survived.
The movie All That Remains is about the bomb survivor Takashi Nagai, pioneering scientist and Christian convert who lost everything. Hiroshima aftermath.
Top secret.

We hope you found it interesting what you read. Thank you for spending time in the previews.
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 This brief area provides a peak at the book Alert: For The Times in text and not in PDF format. We include this sample excerpt for those who do not get the hang of PDFs and would like to read a sample.












* Appendix

* Index

The book is about traversing the bridge of the profane and the nature of things to come. I have written what primarily follows the theme of changing climate and all the concepts and events associated with it, from both the perspective of those who derive the future through the signal strengths of the mind and from the scientists who want to quantify everything. If part of a larger solar disturbance occurs, then it is a different story and one can rest assured that a change in the lives of many people will occur over the horizon and instinctive human fears will play out.
From the sinister apocalyptic message of two men who lived over 400 years ago, Nostradamus and St. Malachy, I base we are in or entering the end of the popes of the Catholic Church as we know it. It is complicated. It involves loss of spiritual wisdom for both the Vatican and society as a whole, and it’s detailed in my book. To understand the difficulty of our relationship to the Christian faith, is to also understand the relationship of climate, weather, an astonishing set of circumstances and an appearance of a mysterious convergence. What this convergence is is a matter of debate.
People and psychics, they tell us, have spoken of the Antichrist and Satan during prescribed final days. Residents of the Southwest and Midwest whose cultures resonate a oneness with nature mention of the loss of spiritual wisdom. In ancient Hopi legend, reverting to a Native American example, the Purifier is the brother who shall return during the end time and shall fight those coming from the west in war, a time where children turn against their own parents as the material sense of knowledge erases spiritual wisdom. They refer, however, to the present as the final age of preparation when mankind forgets to walk the path with the creator. People fall into a natural fear when the unknown appears to sketch conclusions, for example, as when the scenario of impending doom, associated with a new millennium marked itself. As the clock ticked closer and closer to Jan. 1, 2000, imprinted on our minds were the warnings speaking of doom and forbearance. Anybody and anything was quoted, from Nostradamus to the Aztecs; from the change of an age to the complexity of the galaxy. But, none of that compares to what is happening now.

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